The History of Bold Wolves



I started my life in this body near Boston, Massachusetts. My childhood, being the proud son of immigrant parents was surprisingly very fortunate. They arrived in America with just a couple suitcases, knowing zero English, worked hard and became very wealthy. Since I was seven till the ripe age of twelve I lived in the safest city in America.  

Despite this upbringing, I decided to pursue the path of the elusive mobster.

Watching the Godfather films on replay, I realized matter of factly that this was the career for me. So, in alignment with my  goals at the age of 9, I was a troublemaker to the fullest. This manifested in school suspensions, theft, fights and other areas of negligence.

I followed the law of least effort in my relationship with school, hardly passing all my classes besides history and psychology (would prove to be a recurring theme in my life).

I didn’t know about my introverted nature until I was 21 years old. 

I loved playing certain video games, card games or anything that allowed my imagination to fly away. Despite my distaste of elementary and middle school there were a couple highlights that stood out.

Third grade:

This was the year I started trailblazing my path in the bookmark business. I started cutting out all different colors, putting stickers on it and selling it 5 cents per bookmark to the entire grade. I would create the most amazing designs and had hundreds of options to choose from. I was rich. It was truly a great year of school. Not only did I have my own self-made money... my teacher was beautiful. Blonde, gorgeous and of course she loved the 3rd grade version of me. Looking in retrospect third grade was my favorite year of school. Ever.

Time travel to sixth grade:

I’m not bragging here, I was not nearly the most athletic kid on the field. I was not the best passer, dribbler and my hand eye coordination was not great. It was easy for anyone to look at me from a distance and notice that it was just a young kid that would use sports as a hobby and never be a pro.

Guess know who didn’t know this obvious truth? Me. I was so freaking uber confident. I was number 1. I had such a self-trust in myself whether I was quarterback, running back or whatever position I would play that it would change the game. Not surprisingly this self-confidence and belief in my talent made me the number one choice when people picked teams. Now, looking back in retrospect...self-belief and determination will trump any type of talent – I realized this at a young age.

Time travel to ninth grade:

My parents declared bankruptcy. Good bye fancy house, goodbye rich neighborhood and friends. Hello Miami, Hello super small apartment, hello to a brand new school with no friends. This year was such a radical change. The world as I knew it was completely shattered.

I entered a public school with more than 4000 students after attending private school with 80 the last three years. I quickly made friends, went through different phases... Just trust that I was considering a rap career for a week or two. While I thought I would hate such a huge school I fell in love with it. I loved how many different nationalities there were, I felt like every day was a way to explore and learn more and more. I loved learning but hated 90% of my classes. Reluctantly, I graduated high school and applied to the nearest college that hardly had an application.

Time travel to Freshman Year of College:

Broke, skinny and unmotivated, I decided to start working. First job? Yogurt store. I hated it from the first hour of working and did the bare minimum required until I put in my two weeks. One month later, I realized that I had to have SOME type of income coming in or I’m fucked. I was reluctant to give up all this free alone time but knew that it had to be done. Due to a high school connection I ended up working as a beach boy at a nearby five star hotel. My manager at the time later told me that I was his worst interview that he ever had.

Things started to turn right about here. In hindsight, I’m not sure where I would be if it wasn’t for starting working in that environment. I was blessed with an extremely motivated manager who seemed like he knew it all. I formed bonds with my teammates and ended up excelling by putting maximum effort every day. Hospitality forced me to talk to hundreds of people every day, which exponentially grew my comfort zone. I would come home exhausted for months until I started having a much higher tolerance for speaking.

Time travel to one year after starting as a beach boy

I was given the book ‘Good to Great’ by Jim Collins as a present. While the book is far from my favorite at this point, I LOVED it at the time. The concept of determining why some people succeed and others fail but on a massive company wide schema was enlightening. Thanks to Jim Collins, I was finally motivated to be something great but far from knowing what that was.

It had been a year since I started working as a beach boy, toiling in 100-degree weather and pulling chairs. The hotel was five stars at the time and we carried that status symbol as if it were a navy seal trident. The entire team worked extremely hard as if we were the world’s number one pool and beach resort according to Forbes.

It had been a year since I started working and I wanted a new challenge. My mentor/manager was leaving the company to run an entire island’s recreation department off of Turks and Caikos at a young age of 22.

Fuck man, I wanted a promotion. I knew I worked hard, I knew I could crush the opportunity but my director at the time didn’t think I was ready.

I’m sure you’ve had a moment similar to this so bear with me...

I was standing at the top of the ‘bridge’ where all of the guests would have to come down and pass security, talk to me in order to receive any assistance outside. It was sort of the 'floor-general position'.

It was a relatively slow day, which allowed my over-active mind to think about what was happening.

My director (the one that didn’t want to promote me) said he was bringing in people to be interviewed with the General Manager of the hotel.

This was terrible. I wasn’t going to let some ‘outsider’ come into my team and run it.

Something had to be done...

I knew the only way to achieve my mission was to talk to the GM and convince him I was the man of the job. This was highly risky because I wasn’t necessarily close to the GM at the time PLUS it could end up having me be fired because of going over the director’s head.

With my monkey mind at full throttle, my opportunity presented itself.

My GM was walking from the hotel down the bridge.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

I stared at him the whole way down and meekly managed a smile.

Me: “Great afternoon GM!”

GM: “Great afternoon Daniel! How’s today looking outside?”

Me: “Awesome, everything is great. The team is doing a fantastic job”

GM: “Perfect, thank you.” (Starts to walk away down the bridge)

Me: “Btw, GM, I would love to talk to you for a couple minutes later today” (barely audible).

GM: “Sounds good Daniel” (continues walking...stops.... comes back to me and asks what’s on my mind).

Me: (in my head: WHAT THE FUCK!! I wasn’t ready to talk yet, I CLEARLY said LATER today).

Me: “Well.. umm... as you... umm... well... since... you know... the manager is leaving and I was... ummm.... interested in the position.”

I’m not sure what I said next but with nothing planned I just spoke from the heart. I told him that I worked hard, I wanted this opportunity, I knew I was ready, I would make a difference, I would lead and continue the legacy.

I talked for what seemed like an eternity until he cut me off.

GM: “Daniel, thank you for bringing this up I’ll think about it and discuss it with the Director.”

Just as the GM continues his trek down the bridge...

Guess who is walking up the stairs on the opposite side of the bridge? The director.

Just my luck...

His facial expression said it all “what the fuck are you talking to the GM about Daniel?”

I walked a few feet away with my head down realizing that I had for sure fucked everything up.

The director and the GM shook hands and immediately dove in.

Director: “Well, GM, I have great people lined up for interviews starting tomorrow”.

GM: “You know what Director, I want Daniel to have this opportunity.”

Director: “Are you sure...”

GM: “Yes, thank you” and continues walking down the bridge.

Two minutes of silence later

Director: “Got what you wanted Daniel, let’s see what happens now”

Me: “Thank you Director”

I felt such a rollercoaster of emotions... wanting something and achieving it are such different feelings.

I finally got the promotion I wanted so badly. What the fuck...

I was feeling happy, scared, nervous and extremely alive all at the time.

It was this moment where I started becoming Daniel Karan that I am today. I was in charge of 20 team members and their success depended on me. Most of them still saw me as that team member and not a manager and didn’t have much faith in my potential.

For the next two years as a manager, I worked extremely hard, facing numerous challenges and failures a long the way. There was no going back; I knew that everyone had this immense power to make a difference in his or her environment. I was addicted to this high and this possibility that I could inspire myself and everyone around my to play at a higher level. This mentality allowed me to be ready for when I was leading a team of 45 team members in the best hotel in South Beach some time later.

The point of this story boils down to the two epiphanies I had.


There are a moments in your life that you have to just show up in. There are moments in your life that require your best self to present itself. This is the point of personal development. This is the point of growing from the suffering, failures, challenges in your life. When the world wants you to fucking fall on your face. The ultimate shit-test of life...will you be ready?

When everything is on the line, you want to be prepared. Be prepared to be the man that is required of you.

This is the mission and compass of Bold Wolves. To be ready for when that moment comes that requires you to be your best self. Preparing, suffering day in and day out in order to excel when the time is ripe.

When I came into work the next day with my shiny blue shirt (team members wore white), I knew there was no turning back. I had to get better to lead by example.

Second epiphany...

I was now in charge of this team with immense responsibility at the age of 20. I knew I had to become better as a person and leader. This is the spark that has fueled my personal growth since that moment. I devoured leadership books, I started meditating, working out, taking courses, learning how to be an expert communicator, and most importantly a man of character.

I developed my personality and learnt about my introverted nature. I built upon my strengths, worked on my foundation tirelessly, and spent 50% of every paycheck for years on myself.

I have had several other moments in my life that I failed or stepped up to meet the occasion. However, I wake up, step out of bed, breathe and re-commit to prepare to be the man I want to be, that the world at this time requires for the next moment.

Become a bold wolf.

Enjoying the content dude? Join hundreds of introverted men inside now...

This period of my life, and dealing with tens of thousands of guests and team members taught me that people are fucking different.

Some people had a knack of talking to everyone, some people were more creative...Everyone had these different traits.

I started to dive into personality psychology, typology and connected to people as an individual.

At this moment I learned about my true nature.

My introverted nature...

I saw perfectly clear how so many people including myself where conforming to this extrovert ideal instead of accepting their true nature and dominating through developing a rich inner life.

I saw this need arise, time and time again.

There were men who lived their life like a mirror.

They pretended constantly to be like their surroundings.

They had zero depth, and were average in every facet of their life.

I know this, because this was MY story!

I changed, I grew, I developed based on who I was on a cognitive and natural level. I saw the change in my life, the increased happiness, and friendships and relationships that I created.

I knew that there had to be other guys that wanted to rise up.

That’s why I created Bold Wolves.

Since we were founded, we have attracted sigma males, unconventional thinkers, misfits, oddballs, college dropouts and lone wolves that came here because learn the mental mindsets, boldness, the self-awareness and character needed to life an inspired, purposeful life.

Whether you know it or not..

You have already made a choice..

By reading these words right here..

You are either a close friend of mine that I forced to “check out my blog dude” , maybe you're one of the thousands of daily readers and maybe you are just a fresh face.

Welcome to all three of you anyways.

Now, back to my point.

By going on a website dedicated to not following societies traditional path..

You have made the choice.

You don’t want to take the easy way out..

You don’t want the cookie cutter lifestyle..

You want physical and psychological freedom.

You want to have control of yourself, your thoughts and your life.

You want to make an impact on your family, friends and communities.

You want to develop the boldness required to choose the path less traveled.


Congratulations are in order..

Welcome to the Bold Wolves..

Let’s start with two of our favorite quotes..

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in It. “ – W.H. Murray
“It never troubles the wolf how many the sheep may be.” – Virgil

My mission in life for the last three years has been to learn all the mental mindsets, paradigm shifts, typology and inherent personality traits to build a strong enough foundation to support my dreams and aspirations. I have spent large amounts of time in solitude determining my values based on my passed experiences, identity and personality.

I created Bold Wolves because I saw that there was no outlet for introverted men to claim their nature and dominate.

Everywhere I looked, introverted blogs primarily spoke to women, or complained about how we were victims. - Daniel Karan

I’m sick of being treated like a victim; I don’t need pity from anybody. I am a proud introverted man.


When I look at the hundreds of wolf pack members that are already signed up…

I notice a common similarity for everyone.

Everyone varies in age however they all hold this common denominator.

We all want to work on ourselves daily in regards to optimizing our health, spirituality, wealth and relationships.

We all want to do purposeful work as a career not just as a dream.

We are all not satisfied in regards to conforming to societies ‘norm’.

It’s not so matter of wanting more and more…

It’s just staying true to what we were born to do.

It’s time to follow our bliss..


· If you consider yourself an unconventional thinker...

· Do you constantly find yourself not following the crowd?

· Tired of people thinking you're weird or telling you to ‘act normal’

· If you decided at some point that you do not want to live an average life.

· If you’re ready to be proud of your introverted nature

· If you’re ready to develop social skills

· If you want to be a sigma male

· If you are sick of feeling anxious and stressed and want to live in complete inner peace.

· If you are tired of being tired all the time, lacking energy, drive and inspiration.

Who is Bold Wolves for?

Renegades. Non-conformists. Unconventional thinkers. Lone wolves.

Men with high standards..

Men sick of being a beta bitch.

Men that always felt different than everybody else. Almost like we knew something they didn’t... in my fucking bones we know that the life of normalcy, college-job-mortgage-wife-2 kids-stress-depression-death is not for us.

To choose the path less traveled, the path filled with suffering, pain and growth requires boldness.


Bold in the sense of waking up at 4:30am in order to dedicate time to self-mastery.

Bold in the sense of not succumbing to your feelings and doing what you have to get done because the other option is being a failure.

Bold in the sense of feeling nervous seeing a beautiful woman but still approaching and saying hello.

Bold in the sense that you are comfortable in your own skin, you fucking love yourself.

Bold in your dreams.

Bold in your vision.

Bold in your goals.

Bold in your actions.

Boldness man.

It’s a fucking mantra that all the top guys repeat every time the fear goblin appears.

“Time and time again, I have seen men and women risk and give their lives for an idea. I have seen men stand up to attacks and torture without breaking, showing a strength and resiliency that defies the imagination. I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. I felt fear myself more times than I can remember, but I hit it behind a mask of boldness. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” – Nelson Mandela

I stand for this because what is the other option man?

Seriously, consider what the other option is?

A slave to your emotions, your thoughts, your environment...?

Be a fucking slave.

Doing things you don’t want to do to impress people you don’t even fucking like...

Stick with me here man, what’s the other option if you don’t decide to develop your personality, live boldly and pursue your vision to make a difference in the world?

It’s settling. It’s settling for average. Settling just gives me a bad taste in my mouth, I don’t know about you. Do you taste that? Settling. Settling. Fuck man it’s gross. Seriously, it’s disgusting.

Bold Wolves is for people that are sick of settling and want to create high standards in their life.

There's a point in all of our life's that enough is enough. SERIOUSLY!! Enough is enough.

No more settling, no more reacting the the beck and call of the world.

Time to create boundaries, assert those boundaries and be fucking bold.

This isn’t a rant. It’s a wake up call man.

I don’t want to rely on anything or anyone in my life.

Not a single substance, no electronic, no person.

Complete self-reliance and self-fulfillment...

This is the sigma lifestyle.

Our values are simple.

Silence. Integrity. Growth. Humility. Freedom.

Freedom is the wolves’ main mission in life. Without self-reliance and freedom it is impossible to fully express the depth of your masculinity. The path to achieving true freedom is extremely difficult. It will change every part of you. It requires a new version of you. This is what we work on.

Humility is another pillar of the introverted sigma lifestyle. Because we live on the fringes of society, because we don’t conform. Life is fucking tough dude. This path is filled with suffering and pain. It’s hard as shit. Bold wolves put so much fucking effort, sweat and blood to grow and make it that it doesn’t make sense to brag. We don’t scream about our accomplishments unless there is a purpose behind it. Taking this path of the sigma male lets you witness first hand the suffering in the world.


Integrity. Radical honesty with ourselves and others. We are in alignment with what we want and even though others experiences are taken into account, they are outside of our control and don’t affect us. We do what we say we will do to the best of our abilities. Once you start living with integrity you realize two things. No one lives in integrity. Your ‘vibration’ or whatever new age label you want to put on it increases. I’m serious man. When I started to really live in integrity, the rare moments I met someone else with integrity we became brothers. It was weird. You can have eye contact with someone and just know. We are men of our words. We are men in alignment. Groundedness. It’s weird but trust me. It’s a secret guild of humans that are instantly friends.

Silence is the main pillar for introverted men. No more beating around the bush. I’m not attached to the introverted label but that’s how I was born. My birth was not my choice but it for sure is something we all have the choice to be proud of or not. Silence develops my strength. Silence allows my mind to heal itself. Silence allows my vision to become reality and my imagination to run wild. The lone wolf hunts in silence. The lone wolf understands the mental game. The lone wolf is on the move, mysterious and always in silence.

Freedom or slavery?

Integrity or dishonesty?

Humility or arrogance?

Growth or decay?

Silence or noise?

Standing behind these values and this bold wolf ideal is a feeling of liberation.

It feels good to reclaim your throne.

It feels fucking good to decide once and for all that you will do EVERYTHING to be the man you are meant to be, the man that the world needs. The man that women want on a primal level. It feels good to finally accept and make your introverted nature your greatest strength. It feels good to be a sigma male. It feels good to finally decide to take the yellow pill. Fuck a red and blue pill.

Bold Wolves is not for a lot of men.

Maybe you are content? Maybe you enjoy settling? Maybe you are happy being a slave to your moods and thoughts?

If you want to take it easy, live a content life, stay in your comfort zone, and pretend to be an extrovert and conform to the societal ideal, then this is not the place for you mate.

I’ve pursued that path for quite some time and realized it’s not for me.

Bold Wolves was created to empower introverted men. The ultimate path for us.

The sigma male path. The path of suffering, pain, growth, love and happiness. The type of happiness that is practiced, the type of happiness that comes out of solving big fucking problems.

Bold Wolves was created to stand against this mediocrity.

“Everyone holds his fortune in his own hands, like a sculptor the raw material he will fashion into a figure. But it’s the same with that type of artistic activity as with all others: we are merely born with the capability to do it. The skill to mold the material into what we want must be learned and attentively cultivated.”Goethe

Our vision is to have one million introverted men living the sigma male lifestyle.

As we grow, together we will learn the skills, character traits, habits required to be great men.

This sigma male lifestyle includes true freedom.

This sigma male lifestyle includes world-class social skills. The ability to charm anyone in the world balanced with the ‘why do I even want to?’ carefreeness.

This sigma male lifestyle includes being men of integrity and character.

This sigma male lifestyle includes extreme self-awareness and maturity.

This sigma male lifestyle includes the ability to choose the women you actually want, no longer settling for leftovers.

Just imagine one million men working on this type of lifestyle. One million men coming together, inspiring the world to be free, to be proud and to be happy...

Bold Wolves, since the grand opening has attracted thousands of guys already working hard and suffering together.

It’s good to be in a group that understands you.

It feels great to be understood.

It feels good to be in a position to help others. It feels good to not be a slave. To be working to this ideal life.

If any of this touches some part of you. If any of this caused some Goosebumps to appear than all of us here at Bold Wolves invite you on this journey.


Let’s boldly fuck shit up.

"Let's boldly fuck shit up." - Bold Wolves

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Join thousands of introverted men on their path to boldly living.

See you soon.

Daniel Karan

Enjoying the content dude? Join hundreds of introverted men inside now...