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How To Be The Most Ambitious Person In The World

How To Be The Most Ambitious Person In The World

Reading time: 5 minutes

1. Commitment

Nothing great on this earth was done without commitment. When you commit to a course of action it means you are all in. 100% of your mind, body and soul are into this.

A 100% commitment is a hand-shake with your self. I commit to doing ‘this’ with complete dedication.

Ambitious people commit to being committed.

2. Ambitious people understand that no-one is coming

Nathaniel Branden, author of the six pillars of self-esteem had this incredible quote in his office.

“No-one is coming”

Man, when I read that I put the book down and got to work immediately.

Listen up. If you think for one second that someone is coming to take care of you, you are deluding yourself.

No-one is coming. If you want something go and make it a reality.

3. They love the hard work

They don’t work in order to pay for vacation. They love the hard work. They love the hours. They love the hustle. They love the process. They honor the struggle.

Ambitious people have a fantastic relationship with work.

Exercise: write down the first five words you think of when you hear ‘work’.

For most people it’s some of the following:

Hard / Difficult / Draining / Money / Disgust

If you’re associations to work are not all positive like the following:

Money / Love / Creation / Enjoyment / Opportunity

Then change it. You cannot fall in love with work if you have negative associations to it. Convince yourself that work is exciting, and soon it will be.

4. They sleep to recharge

Ambitious people sleep to recharge NOT to escape. They don’t take 3 hour naps. They don’t attempt to squirrel away their energy to save some for later.

They work. They enjoy said work. They recharge in order to get back to work.

If they didn’t need to sleep, they wouldn’t.

5. Ambitious people wake up early

Listen. You can convince yourself whatever the fuck you want. Maybe you think that waking up at 11am is better for ‘creativity’.

The truth: you can’t fuck with nature.

Nature has circadian rhythms. Align yourself with them.

Ambitious people wake up early because it allows them more time to create.

Waking up at 4:30am is absolutely life-changing.

6. Understand the cost, and they pay it

If you want to create at the highest levels there is a cost.

Staying in, going to sleep earlier, working long hours.

Ambitious people understand the cost of achieving their dreams and pay it. Willingly.

7. Enjoy competition

Ambitious people love to win. They compete with themselves and others. The intention behind the competition is for improvement.

Would Usain Bolt be the greatest runner without the Olympics?

8. Ambitious people surround themselves with ambitious people

“Keep away from those who try to belittle your ambitions. small people always do that, but the really great make you believe that you too can become great.” — Mark Twain

When you are surrounded by people also creating at the highest levels, you will too.

Inspire others to dream big and never belittle someone's ambitions. Cheer them on and by doing so you are letting the universe know “I want more of this in my life”.

9. Ambitious people don’t wait for the perfect moment

If you are waiting for the perfect moment, you already missed it.

Take action. Create your reality. Sometimes it’s better to be patient as a strategy but overall your dreams don’t wait you.

10. Ambitious people are confident

They are confident in their skills. They are confident in their attitude, skill and mindset.

They are confident in the fact that they can do anything they set their mind to.

Complete self-belief is crucial for the person that’s climbing up a mountain. An utter deep core understanding that they will not quit no matter what.

11. Ambitious people aren’t realistic

Why oh why have both feet planted on the ground when you can fly in the sky?

If you really want to create and have a major impact then what’s the point of being realistic? Is Elon Musk realistic when he said he wanted to occupy Mars? No.

Being realistic is boring.

12. Ambitious people have an impossible goal

“The great danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.” — Michelangelo

I love impossible goals. It’s one of the first things I do as a coach for my clients.

We create an impossible goal and determine the type of person you have to be in order to create it.

It’s not about achieving the goal as much as the actions you take if you are pursuing it. When you have an impossible goal i.e. land and inhabit Mars it changes the way you think and the actions you take.

If you want to know how ambitious feels like do this exercise in order:

  • Get clear on your impossible goal to accomplish in the next 25 years
  • Now if you absolutely HAD to achieve this goal in the next 90 days or else your right hand was cut off what would you do?

13. Ambitious people don’t let feelings bog them down

You will not hear an ambitious person say any variation of “I don’t feel like doing it.”

They understand that feelings will come and go, but the commitment stays strong.

14. Ambitious people don’t rest on their laurels

They are aligned with the force of forward motion.

They move forward at all costs. Yes they celebrate the victory and the wins but quickly step back on their path.

It’s the process. It’s that journey. It’s the road. It’s the hours of work that is the real enjoyment and not the outcome or result along the way.

15. They move and respond fast

They respond to that email, that message, that opportunity fast.

Quick decisions. Moving forward. Forward Motion. This is how the ambitious person operates.

They don’t fall prey to the Zeigarnik Effect: We remember better that which is unfinished or incomplete.

16. Curiosity as a way of life

Curiosity about problems, about business, about work, about creativity, about whatever they are passionate about.

It’s this curiosity that fuels their progress and mastery of the task at hand.

17. Ambitious people rarely talk about their impossible goal

Most people actually shoot themselves in the foot when they talk about their goals.

We receive a hit of dopamine when we mention our goals which actually dissuades us from pursuing it.

From now on: if you do announce your goal to someone, there is no enjoyment in it. It is ruthless and emotionless.

Attitude: This is happening. I’m creating this reality. No smile at all.

What ambitious expression can you add to your arsenal?

Take 12 seconds and write your top insight in the comments section, it’s truly appreciated.

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39 Ways To Be The Highest Status Person In The Room

41 Ways To Be The Highest Status Person In The Room

1. Workout, sculpt your body to perfection.

This is more than looks. The type of person that spends hours at a discipline. The type of person that doesn’t give into impulses. The type of person that can make a commitment AND keep it.

These are traits of the high status man.This type of person LOVES going to the gym. He is determined and willing to put in the work.

The added benefit of going to the gym is raising your testosterone, becoming happier, sleeping better and increased creativity.

2. Love Yourself

The high status person has an aura of self love that permeates through every single movement. Every spoken word or idea.

It’s a choice to love all of you (including that part you hate). No child has ever looked in the mirror and said “I wish I didn’t have freckles!”.

Love yourself. Love your accent. Love your freckles. Love every part about you, because it’s more useful than hating yourself.

Read “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It” by Kamal Ravikant for more.

3. Raise testosterone and lower cortisol

This is an absolute necessity for men.It’s also an extremely easy fix.

Increased testosterone will have immediate effects on your thoughts.

Better thoughts = better feelings = better actions = better character = better destiny. Raising testosterone literally changes your life.

You lower cortisol because it is the stress hormone. Thus making you more calm, more at ease and increase happiness.

4. Have incredible self-talk

Our mind is simple. It attempts to bring us closer to pleasure and avoid pain.

If your mind thinks about walking into a meeting and the mental pictures you are experiencing are telling you that people are judging you and hating you…rest assured you will be in for a tough time.

High status people have incredible talk in between their ears that allows them to find pleasure in what low status people find painful.

5. Body language

There are experts out there that are much better at talking about this then me. But in terms of principles there are two you must follow:

  • Be open. It’s extremely simple. Just don’t be closed (arms, legs etc).
  • Take up space. High status people are not afraid to take up space and don’t try to act invisible.

6. Be around high status people

If you are around a bunch of low-status people it’s easier to fall into their reality if you aren’t mindful.

If you are stuck with a certain group, then make sure to watch or talk to a friend that's high status or a video of someone you admire.

7. Posture

Chest forward, shoulders back, chin up. Posture changes your thoughts which affect your feelings. It makes you feel immensely more confident.

Posture is not something you turn on and off. If you are reading this right now sitting down….How is your posture?

If it’s absolutely terrible. I recommend you go to the Egoscue clinic. If it’s mediocre read an article about it here.

8. Be actually happy

A great friend of mine said that happiness is smiling to yourself when you are alone in the elevator.

It’s a strong feeling of content. It’s not high energy.

There is a distinction between being happy and joyful.

Joy = happy + excitement.

Happiness is just a deep contentment. You are happy with life and you take conscious steps every day to keep you in this state.

(Gratitude, working out, self-talk, environment).

9. Walk slowly

What's the rush? Slow the fuck down. When you walk slowly you start noticing your surroundings.

You become more mindful.

The high status person is not in a rush to do anything.

If you must walk faster be quick but don’t hurry. Each step is mindful as you kiss your feet against the floor.

10. Don’t be easily impressed

Are you looking at the Mona Lisa? No? Okay, then.

Stop responding to the mundane as if you just heard the news that Pluto became a planet again.

11. Demand attention when you talk

When conversing with another human, make sure your words are landing on engaged ears.

In Russian there is a saying that translated means “do you hear me or are you just listening to me?”.

Pause until you have their full attention. If they are distracted don’t continue the conversation.

12. Think big thoughts

Next time you are waiting, take this opportunity to think BIG THOUGHTS. The high status person is bigger than their problems.

Think about billion dollar problems. Think about your mission in life. Big thoughts fill your head. Contemplate BIG ideas. There is no time to be grounded in reality.

13. Touch people

Touch a shoulder, an elbow, give a hug, shake a hand.

There are no barriers to touching people. Make sure to use social awareness and absolutely no groping. It’s all in the flow of the conversation.

14. High status eye contact

Eyes are filled with warmth and tinged with a sense of aliveness.

When you break eye contact never look down.

The key to high status eye contact is in the transition. Once you lock eyes with someone never dart to the next target. Hold for three, two, one and very slowly look left or right.

15. Do less , be more.

Say a sentence without speaking. Move without moving. Ask without asking.

Follow the law of least effort. What can you communicate in a sentence that used to take a paragraph?

Do less, be more.

16. Have a generous spirit, everyone gets love

Pick up the bill. Pour the drinks. Invite people into conversations.

It’s a generous spirit that surrounds everything you do. Living like this is an expression of having abundance in your life.

17. Boundaries

While having this generous spirit and attitude you have clear boundaries.

You say things like “don’t do that” or “don’t behave like that.”

You have a generous spirit but do not allow people going over your boundaries.

The high status man is not afraid to assert himself against challengers to the throne.

18. Laugh loudly

The high status man doesn’t hold back at all.

Never again hold back your laugh, your smile. Show up fully (that means all of you). If he feels sad, he says it. If he’s happy he says. The high status man is genuine.

19. Shake hands correctly

Read this: A Manly Handshake: An Illustrated Guide

This is part of making a great first impression. Don’t mess this up. It’s simple but not always easy.

20. Don’t go out of your way to befriend high status people

The high status person doesn’t randomly befriend other high status people. If he must, he will.

Ask for introductions. Let it happen naturally and organically. You can have a target but you don’t go out of your way to make a connection. Ask for an introduction. Find commonalities and understand that it won’t happen overnight.

21. Entitled Attitude

The high status person is entitled. There of course is healthy and not healthy levels to this.

Healthy entitlement is the sense that you have the right to want things, even if you might not get them. Or you can be like Conor McGregor’s level of entitlement: Watch this from 3:12 onward.

22. Master how to have great first impressions

Master the craft of having great first impressions. The intention would be that within seconds of meeting you this person is in awe.

Learning to shake someone's hand, warm eye contact, remembering their name and the energetic connection behind it are all crucial to master this.

23. Dress well, utilize the halo effect

Look good you feel good. Get out of your comfort zone. Never wear cargo shorts again. Wear a dress shirt, a tie, nice pants and ABSOLUTELY wear great shoes.

24. Placement

Where are you standing? If the opportunity presents itself the high status man always chooses the most comfortable seat. Choose to have your back against a wall so no-one could be behind you.

25. Walk in and stop.

Walk into the nightclub, the meeting room, the coffee shop and stop for three seconds. Look around, smell the air and then continue on your path. SHOCKING how doing this makes you 668% more charismatic and magnetic.

26. It’s all good

Your mindset is completely content. It’s all good. That’s good. That’s good. Oh, that? that’s also good. Unfailing coolness, it’s all good even if it's bad it’s good. “It’ll be alright” type of attitude. A high status person is bigger than their problems.

27. Have an impossible mission

Have an impossible mission for yourself that you are creating. It takes a great man to decide to occupy Mars. Choosing an impossible goal like stopping world hunger. This elevates your inner world of status to the infinite degree.

28. Speak for the group and to the group

High status people are leaders. Not followers. As a leader you take charge of the group, you speak to the group lead in the direction that’s best for everyone.

29. Have impeccable social skills

You have an incredible external awareness. You understand what’s happening underneath the surface. You understand group dynamics. You feel into the mood of the group as a leader. You know when to be silent. You know when and how to connect deeply.

Communication is your most valuable skill that CAN and MUST be developed.

30. Don’t talk with an upward pitch

You don’t finish your sentences with an upward intonation. This is an expression of people pleasing behavior. You end your statements and questions the same way they were started.

There is not an ounce of people pleasing or seeking for agreement when you communicate as a high status man.

31. Make statements rather than questions.

How are you? vs. Tell me about your day.

What made you do that? vs. Im curious what drove you to do that.

Simple switch that changes the whole dynamics of a conversation.

32. Don’t gossip

Ray Dalio banned gossip in his offices. High status people ban it from their entire life. It makes you look terrible. The high status person is gossiped about, not the gossiper. Plus, remember that you have more important things to talk about like that mission from #27.

33. Don’t complain

The high status man is a creator. He isn’t complaining about how the world is. There is absolutely no reason to complain. The high status man either accepts reality or works to change it.

Stop talking about your emotional injuries “you won’t believe what happen to me today” yes I will, stop your victim shit immediately.

34. Warmth

Warmth in your eye contact. Your voice. Your body language.

It disarms people immediately. Warmth creates connection and lowers the wall that are around people's ability to connect.

35. Have an air of effortlessness

This can only TRULY be achieved if you have suffered, you have put in the fucking work in private to shine in public. You have spent hours perfecting your skills in life and the social world. Then you can truly be effortless and natural and spontaneous.

36. Directness



If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a no for now. The high status isn’t ‘floaty’ he is direct and decisive. This is reflected in conversation, movement and presence.

37. Be a master seducer

The world is your playground. You walk into a room and understand that it’s all a game. This is your playful philosophy on life.

You understand the fundamental aspect of humans. They are bored. People are bored. People are begging to be seduced, to be led astray and come alive. The high status person gives them this gift.

PS. The power from a master seducer comes from his ability to BE seduced. Seduced by great food, art, beauty and romance. Be sensitive to pleasure (this puts you in a positive mood no matter what is happening).

38. You don’t need anyones approval.

The high status doesn't do anything for approval. He realizes it’s not his responsibility that people are comfortable in his presence. He doesn’t suppress his energy or spirit for anyone.

The paradox of this, is that people actually like him because he is NOT a people pleaser.

39. Every day raise your status

You work on yourself every single day. Health, wealth, relationships, spirit and all the buckets that matter to you.

Every day you work on your inner prestige so you truly are the highest status person in the universe for YOURSELF.

Boldness 101 – An Introduction To Living Boldly

Boldness 101 - An Introduction to Living Boldly

Reading time: 5 minutes

Today, we will be slowly peeling back the curtain of boldness.

What does it take to be bold? What does it mean? What mindsets and actions can you take starting right now?

I was pretty pumped up to write this as you soon will be able to tell.

Because of this very special occasion between us unconventional folks I have decided to drop massive wisdom bombs all over your screen…

We are going to talk about something that get’s my blood flowing more than anything else…

Follow me…


“Fear comes from uncertainty; we can eliminate the fear within us when we know ourselves better.” – Bruce Lee

Sadly Bruce has passed away before I had a chance to clarify as to how we can even begin to know ourselves better.


What are your fears?

How are they showing up in your life? How are you avoiding them?

Let’s start by taking a couple of baby steps in the right direction and understand that your fear dissipates once a bold action is taken.

I have checked out the definition from multiple dictionaries and each has slightly different versions, which I have combined to create this:

Boldness is the ability to take risks.

Boldness requires you to use your courage muscle.

Boldness is acting despite possible danger.

Boldness means to do what is right by your moral code.

Boldness means living with integrity.

Boldness gives you permission to risk failure in one’s effort to do what is right.

Boldness requires one thing.

It requires action.

*Action is a requirement to living boldly. *

Imagine having a first aid kit in your car and spending months memorizing the entire label and instruction manual back to cover.

What good does that do for you?


You can only learn once you decide to take action and open up the antiseptic spray and put a freaking Band-Aid on.

You can apply this type of thinking to every area of your life…

Let’s wake up shall we?

It all starts with bold action. Cool?


Let’s pick up the pace…

A brisk walk perhaps? Sweet.

Follow me.

Question: “How can I take bold action in face of my fears?”

Well, great question indeed anonymous!

Fearless TRUTH #1:

“In order to carry a positive action we must develop a positive vision.” – Dalai Lama

Bliss. Passion. Mission. Path. Purpose. Quest. Vision.

Call it what you want but I’m sure you have heard of this…

As my man, Joseph Campbell says, “follow your bliss”.

Follow what creates more joy in your life…Do more of what makes you happy!

It’s time to be a troublemaker.

In order to take any type of bold action when your fear shows up in your life, you must know what you want.

If you do not have any type of clarity on this then stop reading and take out your handy dandy journal.


If you don’t know the answer to these questions take some time (don’t worry we will still be here when you get back)…

Who am I?

What do I want my life to look like in 90 days, 1 year, 5 years?

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

If you had only 6 months to live, what would you do?

If you’re anything like me, this type of journaling is actually very intimidating and easy to resist.

Take a couple hours out of your day (pro tip: go into nature) and journal on these questions.

*Remember that your path/purpose right now is different than it was one year ago and will be different than it is right now. As you take bold action and stay on your current path/reality it ends up peeling back layer by layer of your onion (your mission in life) and you become more and more clearer and what you were born to accomplish in this life as you get closer and closer to your core.

What does having a vision have to do with bypassing your fears?

When you know what you really want, when you understand the gift that you can bestow on others, when all this becomes clear.

All roadblocks are obvious… the vision provides a massive level of motivation to take bold action in face of your fears.

Fearless TRUTH #2:

Let’s pick up the pace now…

Maybe a light jog? Cool.

Let’s go!

You will feel fear. You will have lots of pain. These are signs your getting closer and closer to the action you should be taking.

Since you are such an action taker already and because you have made it this far in this article I shall drop yet another wisdom bomb JUST for you…

The Boldness Paradigm Shift…

I have to say that since fully accepting this mindset, my life has changed dramatically.

Hear me out…

From now as a byproduct of your commitment to taking bold action, any type of result or outcome you create is now just data.

There is no good or bad. It just is. It is just data.

Every bold action you take…

Everything that happens in your life from now on is data. Every time you decide to face your fears, accept your pain and take bold action…

You will receive nothing more than some data.

Outcomes no longer exist…

This boldness mindset enables you to positively detach yourself from any outcomes, gives you permission to take massive action in light of your fears/pains and receive powerful data, which in return allows you to have incredible personal growth.

“Any action is often better than no action, especially if you have been stuck in an unhappy situation for a long time. If it is a mistake, at least you learn something, in which case it’s no longer a mistake. If you remain stuck, you learn nothing.” – Eckhart Tolle

Our inability to bypass our fear is what’s stopping us from reaching our potential.

We all have a duty to become successful in our life. We all have a duty to give great service to the world. We all have a duty to make a difference.

My dream is for someone to read this and decide to take bold action in face of their fears.

My dream is to have everyone living purposefully and not letting their fears stop them from actualizing their potential.

These are my top tips I tell my private clients to sort of ‘fall in love’ with pain and fear…

1) Breathe Mothafucka!

I’m not here to teach you the benefits of meditation, hopefully, by this point you already know. If not check out some other great articles on this website for all your meditation inquiries.

For this specific way, I want you to understand that the difference between fear and excitement is just lack of breathe.

Next time you are nervous, feeling any sort of fear in the midst of taking bold action. Take a deep breath; unclench your jaw (put your tongue on the top of your mouth) and relax your body.

Feel the fear turn to excitement…

Feel the flow of energy pulsing through you…

Love this moment. Channel this energy.

Smile confidently then continue to dominate your next action.

On to the next…

2) Fire. Ready. Aim.

1, 2, 3  DO IT!

This is the #1 way to move past indecision. The longer you think about the task at hand the more likely your brain convinces you to do not take any action.

Do not even give your thoughts a chance. Take action.

Take bold action (fire), then get ready than you learn from all the data and keep fucking going.

It’s that simple.


Fear doesn’t need conquering any more, fear tells you where the edge is, fear is a good thing.

Start becoming excited when you feel this sensation and take a tiny bit of bold action to rid you of the dreaded comfort zone.

Use these 3 small techniques in your upcoming boldness battles.


If you are reading these articles and investing in yourself you are already far from being average.

However…you cannot reach your potential without this secret sauce.

I cannot make an omelet without eggs…

You cannot actualize what you MUST BE without taking bold action in face of your fears.

Our adventure is coming to a close…

We warmed up together, walked briskly…

You tried to outrun me… (We know how that went)

I honestly broke a sweat…

Seriously… You had me going back there 

My last thought for you is this:

Imagine a door to a room…

Inside this room holds your purpose, destiny and everything you could possibly want on the other end…

This door has a special key that opens it…

This special key is taking bold action amongst your fears and pains…

You don’t have to enter the room. Actually people rarely do…

It’s up to you and you alone.

Do you want to enter the room and become great?


Or step backward into mediocrity…

I know my choice…

See you inside champ.

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