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How To Be The Most Ambitious Person In The World

How To Be The Most Ambitious Person In The World

Reading time: 5 minutes

1. Commitment

Nothing great on this earth was done without commitment. When you commit to a course of action it means you are all in. 100% of your mind, body and soul are into this.

A 100% commitment is a hand-shake with your self. I commit to doing ‘this’ with complete dedication.

Ambitious people commit to being committed.

2. Ambitious people understand that no-one is coming

Nathaniel Branden, author of the six pillars of self-esteem had this incredible quote in his office.

“No-one is coming”

Man, when I read that I put the book down and got to work immediately.

Listen up. If you think for one second that someone is coming to take care of you, you are deluding yourself.

No-one is coming. If you want something go and make it a reality.

3. They love the hard work

They don’t work in order to pay for vacation. They love the hard work. They love the hours. They love the hustle. They love the process. They honor the struggle.

Ambitious people have a fantastic relationship with work.

Exercise: write down the first five words you think of when you hear ‘work’.

For most people it’s some of the following:

Hard / Difficult / Draining / Money / Disgust

If you’re associations to work are not all positive like the following:

Money / Love / Creation / Enjoyment / Opportunity

Then change it. You cannot fall in love with work if you have negative associations to it. Convince yourself that work is exciting, and soon it will be.

4. They sleep to recharge

Ambitious people sleep to recharge NOT to escape. They don’t take 3 hour naps. They don’t attempt to squirrel away their energy to save some for later.

They work. They enjoy said work. They recharge in order to get back to work.

If they didn’t need to sleep, they wouldn’t.

5. Ambitious people wake up early

Listen. You can convince yourself whatever the fuck you want. Maybe you think that waking up at 11am is better for ‘creativity’.

The truth: you can’t fuck with nature.

Nature has circadian rhythms. Align yourself with them.

Ambitious people wake up early because it allows them more time to create.

Waking up at 4:30am is absolutely life-changing.

6. Understand the cost, and they pay it

If you want to create at the highest levels there is a cost.

Staying in, going to sleep earlier, working long hours.

Ambitious people understand the cost of achieving their dreams and pay it. Willingly.

7. Enjoy competition

Ambitious people love to win. They compete with themselves and others. The intention behind the competition is for improvement.

Would Usain Bolt be the greatest runner without the Olympics?

8. Ambitious people surround themselves with ambitious people

“Keep away from those who try to belittle your ambitions. small people always do that, but the really great make you believe that you too can become great.” — Mark Twain

When you are surrounded by people also creating at the highest levels, you will too.

Inspire others to dream big and never belittle someone's ambitions. Cheer them on and by doing so you are letting the universe know “I want more of this in my life”.

9. Ambitious people don’t wait for the perfect moment

If you are waiting for the perfect moment, you already missed it.

Take action. Create your reality. Sometimes it’s better to be patient as a strategy but overall your dreams don’t wait you.

10. Ambitious people are confident

They are confident in their skills. They are confident in their attitude, skill and mindset.

They are confident in the fact that they can do anything they set their mind to.

Complete self-belief is crucial for the person that’s climbing up a mountain. An utter deep core understanding that they will not quit no matter what.

11. Ambitious people aren’t realistic

Why oh why have both feet planted on the ground when you can fly in the sky?

If you really want to create and have a major impact then what’s the point of being realistic? Is Elon Musk realistic when he said he wanted to occupy Mars? No.

Being realistic is boring.

12. Ambitious people have an impossible goal

“The great danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.” — Michelangelo

I love impossible goals. It’s one of the first things I do as a coach for my clients.

We create an impossible goal and determine the type of person you have to be in order to create it.

It’s not about achieving the goal as much as the actions you take if you are pursuing it. When you have an impossible goal i.e. land and inhabit Mars it changes the way you think and the actions you take.

If you want to know how ambitious feels like do this exercise in order:

  • Get clear on your impossible goal to accomplish in the next 25 years
  • Now if you absolutely HAD to achieve this goal in the next 90 days or else your right hand was cut off what would you do?

13. Ambitious people don’t let feelings bog them down

You will not hear an ambitious person say any variation of “I don’t feel like doing it.”

They understand that feelings will come and go, but the commitment stays strong.

14. Ambitious people don’t rest on their laurels

They are aligned with the force of forward motion.

They move forward at all costs. Yes they celebrate the victory and the wins but quickly step back on their path.

It’s the process. It’s that journey. It’s the road. It’s the hours of work that is the real enjoyment and not the outcome or result along the way.

15. They move and respond fast

They respond to that email, that message, that opportunity fast.

Quick decisions. Moving forward. Forward Motion. This is how the ambitious person operates.

They don’t fall prey to the Zeigarnik Effect: We remember better that which is unfinished or incomplete.

16. Curiosity as a way of life

Curiosity about problems, about business, about work, about creativity, about whatever they are passionate about.

It’s this curiosity that fuels their progress and mastery of the task at hand.

17. Ambitious people rarely talk about their impossible goal

Most people actually shoot themselves in the foot when they talk about their goals.

We receive a hit of dopamine when we mention our goals which actually dissuades us from pursuing it.

From now on: if you do announce your goal to someone, there is no enjoyment in it. It is ruthless and emotionless.

Attitude: This is happening. I’m creating this reality. No smile at all.

What ambitious expression can you add to your arsenal?

Take 12 seconds and write your top insight in the comments section, it’s truly appreciated.

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How To Never Be Shy Again (For Introverts)

How To Never Be Shy Again (For Introverts)

Reading time: 6 minutes

Three years ago I was triggered.

Walking back to my car I was shocked at my reaction in class.

It was in one of those big auditorium classes with 300+ people. The professor was giving a brief description of the difference between extroverts and introverts.

“Extroverts are louder, more social and introverts are shy”.

A noise escaped my throat, which sounded like a combination of a “no!” and a gulp. Looking at the student next to me writing notes: “introvert = shy”.

I was furious. Triggered completely.

Being a very proud introvert this did not go over smoothly.

The Current Narrative

I coach a lot of high-performing introverted men and to this day I’m shocked at the picture of success they have accepted to be true.

Most introverts unconsciously have this idea of what it takes to become ‘successful’.

Success? Well, you must be the life of the party. Loud. Talking to everyone.

So, wanting to be this ideal version of ‘success’, the introvert tries to model this behavior.

The truth of the matter: no matter how great I am at writing with my left hand, I’m still a righty at heart.

Some introverts are shy, some extroverts are shy. Men are shy. Women are shy.

If you consider yourself to be shy, this article will eradicate it for the rest of your life.

7. Become an expert communicator

If you were an expert in swimming and you saw a pool, there would be no fear about diving in. Same with social skills.

You must work consistently on having the best social skills in this entire universe. The more confidence you have in your ability to talk to people the less shy you will feel.

8. New beliefs

Mindset is everything.

If you think you are likeable then people will like you.

If you see people as being friendly and welcoming, that will be your reality.

The way to install this into your brain is simple.

Every time you talk to someone new and it goes well, take 30 seconds to re-affirm the belief (just like I did with the free hugs sign).

Beliefs need proof. Every time someone was nice to you is just further proof for your case. People ARE awesome. People ARE friendly, mind, didn’t you see what just happened? People are so friendly.

9. You are value and you are growing in value

You are value now because you are a human being.

That by itself is enough. You are enough. There is nothing you have to do in order to be more enough.

You are 10000000% enough in this exact moment.

You understand this and consistently build your own value at the same time. You workout, develop social skills, and focus on contributing and making an impact.

10. Focus outward

Shy people constantly focus all their attention on themselves. It’s very selfish and it propels you further and further down the hole of self-consciousness.

Keep all your attention on the person in front of you. Focus intently on their facial expressions and features. Focus on the appreciation you have for this person in front of you.

You choose what you focus on. Choose to focus on something outside of yourself and you will quickly fizzle all shyness from your system.

11. Mental movies and rehearsals

Take time to visualize you interacting with other people. How your ideal self would communicate with others. Visualize people enjoying your company, liking you as a person and being friendly.

This is your mental movie, keep this image fresh in your mind everyday.

The next step is to practice (rehearse) the events. Find a quiet place in your room or with friends and act like that person you visualized.

It might sound weird but talk to the mirror as if you were your ideal self. That charismatic, confident person that’s already inside of you.

12. Join The Bold Wolves Project

This program is the indoctrination to our community for introverted men.

Wolves is our introvert archetype.

Boldness is how we choose to live our life.

It’s crucial to find an empowering community of people that are creators at the highest level. It’s a lot harder to be shy when you are around fully self-expressive people.

Thank you for reading.


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I feel blessed for this opportunity to express myself on this platform through writing, videos and other forms of creative expression. If my words have impacted you in some way and you're curious to learn more subscribe to my weekly email newsletter.

No gimmicks, no scam. I am committed to creating world class content and possibly aiding you on your journey. My readers include both men and women, introvert and extrovert, CEOs and entrepreneurs, students, coaches, masters, rookies and quality human beings in general. They all signed up to be inspired, held accountable and grow together. 

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What Red Wine Can Teach You About Making A Difference

What Red Wine Can Teach You About Making A Difference

Reading time: 3 minutes

Red Wine’s Ancient Agriculture Secret Revealed

Welcome to another sweet with just a hint of sour edition of the mental game secrets needed to take the challenge called life head on.

Just yesterday…

During my ‘wisdom’ block of my day (talk more about this in future posts)…

I read the most fascinating topic about how grapes turn into wine…

It takes the one grape…

Scientists have found out, it only takes just one grape…

One overly confident purple oval looking ball…

One small speck in a large farm that can last acres…

One troublemaker amongst the gang…

One lone wolf trying to chart his own path through life…

One little grape that decided it’s time...

It’s time…

Let me tell you a little back-story about this one purple organic (seedless) grape that decided to make a difference.

On every wine vineyard there are acres of land dedicated to the planting and harvesting of grapes to make all sorts of wine to be sold away.

While each place has their own traditions, techniques and distilling processes that make it unique they all have one similarity.

Ready for this value?

You sure?

You definitely look ready…

Bold Wolves QTLB (quote to live by #18):

“In a vineyard, one grape will begin to ripen and in so doing will send out a vibration, an enzyme, a fragrance, or an energy field of some kind that is picked up by the other grapes. This one grape signals the other grapes that it is time to change, to ripen.” – Will Bowen ‘A Complaint Free World’

Thanks Will.

Awesome story and such a powerful lesson for us to keep in mind…

Making a difference…

I promise you this…

If you asked that one grape when it began to ripen what difference it expected to make in this world it would look at you crazily.


This one grape that ripened created an entire field of grapes ready to be harvested.


It means that as you continue to invest in yourself, get better every single day, take massive action towards your vision you signal to everyone around you and the universe that it is time for a change.

Without even trying, you will raise the consciousness of those around you.” – Will Bowen

Remember this story of the seedless grape as you create your vision into reality.

You cannot track your progression day by day and expect instantaneous results…

You will not be able to tell the difference your making in someone’s life…

Just continue to trust yourself and connect your moment-to-moment actions with  what the best version of yourself would do.

Why Your ‘To-Do’ List Is Crushing You

Why Your 'To-Do' List Is Crushing You

Reading time: 2 minutes

Are you driving or being driven?

Do you look back at the last couple years and think 'Where did all that time go?'

Do you follow the common trail or branch out and trailblaze?

Are you letting impulses control your life?

If your life was a color, would it be gray?

During some coaching calls it becomes crystal clear.

When the cost of not pursuing what makes them happiest, their grandest dreams is put directly in front of them. 

Here, this is the cost of you living small.

Look at it.

Stare at it.

This is the cost! Are you okay with that?

They lean back, think for a moment as the weight of the power of choice falls down on them. 

Committing to singing your song...loudly, is not easy.

It's easy to live a victim filled,  mundane, average 'gray' lifestyle.

It's challenging to step into the role as a creator in this life.

However, I believe that this is the fundamental shift that we must make as humans in order to truly be happiest, fulfilled and live lives of meaning. 

I am committed to making grand ideas, philosophies and concepts into simple practical steps.

I consistently ask myself what are the small steps I can take, the subtle changes that will change everything.

Today, I want to present one of these practical steps.

We have all heard of the dreaded 'to-do list'.

The list that's filled with anxiety.

You accomplished 20 items on your to-do list, not 21? Obviously, you are not productive enough.

Many high-performers have these impossible standards for themselves.

You climbed to the top of Mt. Everest? Great...but did you walk on the moon?

Guilt, self-sabotage, anxiety and stress. 

It becomes a 'I have to do list' that fills you with desperation.

You no longer feel inspired, you no longer want to create, and there is no enjoyment in going through the process.

I used to look at the list and force myself to tackle it day in and day out.

Maybe I don't have enough discipline! That's it.

Maybe it's my level of focus! For sure that's it.

Willpower? Of course, how was I missing that!

While discipline, focus and willpower are essential to your success and must be upgraded to the highest levels, is it really the solution?

The subtle distinction:

From now on, I want to invite you to add two words before your 'to do list'.

From now on, on the top of the paper, journal or wherever you plan add:


I want to send this email vs I have to send this email 

Desperation vs Inspiration.

Being pulled toward your goals vs dragging yourself forward

Before going to the next item on your 'to do list' say to yourself. I want to do this.

I want to write this article.

I want to, I don't have to do anything in this world but die.

I want to do this.

Choose choice, and acknowledge that you have CHOICE!

It's the fundamental shift from victim to creator that we mentioned earlier.

Choose, acknowledge your choice and continue moving forward.


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I feel blessed for this opportunity to express myself on this platform through writing, videos and other forms of creative expression. If my words have impacted you in some way and you're curious to learn more subscribe to my weekly email newsletter.

No gimmicks, no scam. I am committed to creating world class content and possibly aiding you on your journey. My readers include both men and women, introvert and extrovert, CEOs and entrepreneurs, students, coaches, masters, rookies and quality human beings in general. They all signed up to be inspired, held accountable and grow together. 

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20 Insights From My 10 Day Vipassana Meditation Retreat

20 Insights From My 10 Day Vipassana Meditation Retreat

Reading time: 11 minutes

The following collection of realizations and ideas are my personal evaluation of my recent experience at a 10-day Vipassana meditation center. 

Solitude, journaling and walking in nature allowed these ideas to bubble up to the surface.

It’s hard to trace back to the exact moment when I decided to apply for this Vipassana meditation course but I felt that I needed some valuable introspection time.

My intuition and gut told me to just take the chance.

Take the plunge Daniel, just fucking do it.

I read some articles on other experiences; saw two of my mentors talk about how influential this period was for them.

I had been meditating consistently for two years now…

I mean how hard could it really be?

Late November 2015 I signed up for a course in February 2016, decided to finally take action and see where this experience takes me.

So what is Vipassana?

I mean there are hundreds of meditation techniques out there…

Visualization, transcendental meditation, pranayama, crazy dynamic meditations from Osho amongst many many others..

What makes Vipassana special?

What makes it different?

This is the same technique that the Buddha used 2500 years ago to reach his state of ‘enlightenment’ or complete liberation.

Vipassana teaches you to see things as they really are. Not the way you want them to be.

It is not a religion or faith.

The claim: this technique purifies the mind, frees you from suffering all through self-observation.

Believe in that reality or not… it doesn’t matter much.

It’s been around for quite some time so maybe that’s what makes it special.

Who fucking knows?

Upon arriving at the meditation center, I seriously had no idea what I was getting into.

Ten days of silence. No verbal or nonverbal communication.

4:00am – 9:30pm schedule..

Extreme meditation boot camp?


Fuck it dude.

‘You’re a personal development master, you know all this information, you have clients who have experienced tremendous results, products that contain incredible value. You have an entire wolf pack of dedicated individuals growing and living boldly. This should be easy.’

I fistbumped my ego, which made me feel quite good and slowly woke up the following day at 4:00am to a loud gong right outside my room.

It begins…

I could separate my experience into five parts on foresight..

Day 1-2
Difficulty: Easy /’Ten days will be simple, I got this’

Day 3-4
Difficulty: Moderate /’I could leave right now’

Day 4-6
Difficulty: Extreme /’I could leave to leave’

Day 7-8
Difficulty: Delusional /’My brain is like a vegetable’

Day 9
Difficulty: Extreme /’Almost there.. Almost there.. Almost there.. Almost there..’

Day 10 (noble silence is lifted mid day)
Difficulty: Moderate / ‘Just make it to mid-day..’

There were periods of extreme suffering, mental exhaustion, and delusion.

There were periods of self-belief, determination and faith in myself.

I got the whole range of emotions.

At the end of the day I knew it’s just not a reality for me to give up on this.

I’m not leaving this unfinished.

I’m not quitting.

The following 20 wisdom bombs are a collection from the nightly discourses by S.N. Goenka, my own realizations and numerous journaling exercises that I conducted despite being (forbidden). Sue me.

Wisdom Bomb #1
There are three types of wisdom in this world.

1) Wisdom gained by listening to others (like reading this article, investing in programs, coaches, books and information in general).

2) Wisdom gained through intellectual/analytical understanding. It can be connected to the wisdom of listening to others. You learn something new, you actually take time to THINK about this information and question it’s validity.

3) Wisdom gained through direct personal experience. You experienced the realization yourself. It’s the highest level of wisdom. It’s the truth. You might know that touching the hot coal will burn you but no lesson is greater than touching it yourself and experiencing the burn.

Use this wisdom bomb to find knowledge that you ‘know’ and find ways on how to actually take physical action and experience the truth in your own reality.


Wisdom Bomb #2
Walk in nature.

There was a walking path deep into nature at the center I was at. I walked it over 100 times during the ten days and every single time I noticed something new.

Something beautiful.

There is so much beauty surrounding us, at times I would just stop and stare at trees, birds flying and the universal law of nature work it’s magic in front of me.

Use this wisdom bomb as often as you can for concentrated thinking and add it to your creative process.

Wisdom Bomb #3
Master yourself

Timeless wisdom. I could write for days on the importance of mastering your mind, but not here.

By day 6-7 I had more control over my mental thoughts than I ever had before. I would walk for thirty minutes thinking about a single topic. This was impossible for me before without getting distracted.

Having the ability to be in silence for a period of time or sitting completely still for a while are indicators if you are a slave to your mind or in control of your reality as a creator.

Use this wisdom bomb and test it out for yourself, can you sit still for 5 minutes? Can you think about a single question for long periods of a time? If you cannot, there is a good chance that you are not in control of your life.

Wisdom Bomb #4

Once the ‘noble silence’ is lifted you are allowed to talk.

It’s fucking weird to talk, silence is just so normal by that point.

They allow you to talk on this day as a kind of ‘shock absorbing’ as you slowly return to the rest of society.

In the cafeteria after the initial shock dissolved the next thing you know there was 6-8 of the guys that I had walked by without addressing hundreds of times beforehand now sharing experiences and masterminding.

We continued talking and sharing about personal development, biology, neurology, metaphysics, spiritual psychology and numerous other topics.

We talked until 1:00am the next morning after realizing that we still have to wake up at 4:00am for our last meditation. Until this day the discoveries we talked about and being around a group of like-minded individuals still holds weight for me.

Use this wisdom bomb and find someone with a wealth of knowledge in ANYTHING. Take him or her to lunch, inspire each other and share. Check out this video I recorded exactly about this subject.

Wisdom Bomb #5

Be quick but don’t hurry

99% of people are in rush, reacting to outside stimuli.

There is a difference between moving fast and being quick (in control, present) vs. rushing and hurrying to get everywhere (reacting, unaware).

This concerns every part of your life, and was ever prevalent in the meditation hall.

You are sitting without moving for hour periods at a time in complete stillness. You become in touch with your body. Burping, stomach rumblings, different sensations all appear depending on the food you eat.

I experienced this first hand and realized that you literally ARE WHAT YOU EAT. I knew this on an intellectual level however I directly realized the amount of energy my body uses to produce and process what I bring into my temple.

Use this wisdom bomb and eat slowly, eat less (1/4th less) and start feeling what food does for your mind and body. Never react to your outside and be quick if you want however don’t hurry around aimlessly.

Wisdom bomb #6
Sunsets and sunrises

Dude. They are beautiful. Nature is unbelievable. Just look at the clouds, they are in complete disarray and full of chaos yet exactly how they are supposed to be at that moment. Perfect.

I know I sound like a complete hippie but start looking for beauty in nature as it just proves that there is beauty within you.

Use this wisdom bomb and watch the next sunset and sunrise, notate the different colors and compare them to the previous/next day.

Wisdom bomb #7
Emotional Work

Bold Wolves is huge on working on yourself at a core, root level. That means looking at your misery, happiness, emotions and being cool with it all.

This Vipassana course was explained as being an open surgery for 9 days.

Lots of pus will come out and that will only help the healing and growing part of your life.

Letting old emotions and anger bubble up to the surface and letting it go is just so key to living well. It’s time to cut the anchor off and set sail!

Use this wisdom bomb and start/continue to work on yourself on a deep, core level by letting emotions bubble up after your morning meditation. Be cool with what comes up; bring awareness to it than send love. Powerful.

Wisdom Bomb #8

“Flow in the living moment. — We are always in a process of becoming and nothing is fixed. Have no rigid system in you, and you’ll be flexible to change with the ever changing. Open yourself and flow, my friend. Flow in the TOTAL OPENNESS OF THE LIVING MOMENT. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves. Moving, be like water. Still, be like a mirror. Respond like an echo.” – Bruce Lee

When you are not present you are thinking of the past/future and those thoughts are either pleasant or unpleasant. Enjoy right now, as corny as it sounds.

Use this wisdom bomb and try living and enjoying this moment. This does not mean ‘YOLO’. Live life. Enjoy. Experience fully and spontaneously.

Wisdom Bomb #9
Bound to be successful

Again and again, again and again…

Seriously he repeated this shit non-stop.

This one mantra that is so simple and profound…

‘Work diligently, patiently and persistently…patiently and persistently and you are bound to be successful. Bound to be successful.”


He follows up this wisdom with ‘continuity of practice is the secret of success’.

Use these two wisdom bomb mantras as a reminder to continue working diligently, patiently and persistently and you are bound to be successful in whatever endeavor you set out to achieve.

Wisdom Bomb #10

Our mind is pretty fucked up dude.

Most people just react to outside stimuli constantly. We crave more pleasant experiences and start to hate all the misery.

It just does not make sense if you truly want true happiness.

Misery will be here for the rest of our life. Accept that fact by itself.

The actual meaning of ‘Vipassana’ is to see things as they really are.

Radically accept this exact moment. *Don’t fight with reality (you will lose).

Use this wisdom bomb to practice accepting the reality of your ‘now’ as it is and NOT how you want it to be. Observe.

Wisdom Bomb #11

My favorite word right now…

‘Mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation.’

The Vipassana technique teaches you remain equanimous with whatever sensation you are experiencing on a moment-to-moment basis.

You accept the reality of the situation and keep it cool calm and collected. Your state does not get affected by outside influences.

Use this wisdom bomb next time you are elated with positivity or extremely sad with a current moment. Observe your emotions objectively and with equanimity.

Observe. Observe. Observe. Observe. No more reactivity to outside stimuli! OBSERVE!

Wisdom Bomb #12

No matter how the sun is covered by clouds, it will always be there.

There is always hope, there is always a light, there is always a path to becoming a better version of yourself no matter how bad your status quo is.

Use this wisdom bomb to start/continue your journey to becoming your best self NOW. The best time already past however the second best time is right now. Improve, grow, give and love.

Wisdom Bomb #13
3 types of action

There are three types of actions contrary to popular belief.

Physical, vocal and mental action…

Which is the most important?

It’s mental. Every physical or vocal type of action all started with a thought. The seed gets planted in your brain and then grows into reality in the outer world.

Use this wisdom bomb to understand and erase all negative thoughts from your mind, focus on self-mastery and observing your state instead of reacting.

Wisdom Bomb #14

We all are addicted to something. Different levels of addictions however our desire for something has become into a need.

A craving…

The reality is that you are not addicted to alcohol, TV, any negative (insert your vice here)…

You are addicted to the feeling… the sensation.

Use this wisdom bomb to observe the feeling, craving and sensation on a deep level rather than use your go-to vice. Observe the feeling; do not fall for your typical habit pattern.

Wisdom Bomb #15

‘I had such a great day today’

‘It’s just been a bad week so far…’

‘I had a really energized morning’

‘What a terrible night’

There are so many factors in your emotional, physical state however on a macro scale you have to understand this reality.

You will experience wins and loses.

There will be times in your life that are ‘storms’ where you seem to fail everywhere you go. Understand that this is part of the law of nature. There are seasons, there is misery and there is happiness.

Use this wisdom bomb to accept the reality of your moment with equanimity. Both the storms and the perfect weather will pass and so will your failures and successes.

Wisdom Bomb #16
Four types of people

According to the Buddha there are four types of people.

Person A – Dark to dark
Person B – Light to dark
Person C – Dark to light
Person D – Light to light

You must choose to become either person C/D. Head towards the light. Surround yourself with self-actualizing people that are growing spiritually, physically and mentally.

Use this wisdom bomb to recognize which one you are and continue dominating your path.

Wisdom Bomb #17
Habit pattern of your mind

We are all just a bunch of habits. It’s crazy.

I noticed this directly at the retreat.

People would sit in the same seat every time; use the same urinal, walking path, shower and everything you can name.

I’m not saying habits are bad as I agree with Brian Tracy’s view on successful people are just people with successful habits.


You cannot just live in this same original, no adventure type lifestyle. Change your regular habits! Step out of your comfort zone.

Use this wisdom bomb and recognize areas where you have just been going through the motions. Not present and very boring. Start by taking another route home, sitting in a different chair and ordering something crazy at the restaurants. Change the habit pattern of your mind.

Wisdom Bomb #18
Correct type of motivation

Goenka tells a story on how he had to summon a doctor because a member of his family was very sick. Since at the time he could afford it he knew that he wanted to pay the best doctor in the region.


That doctor was always busy. Lines down the street almost every day.

However he decided he would visit regardless because he wanted to reach the best person to heal his family member.

Upon arriving to the doctor’s office he was shocked when he saw there was no line!

Walking into the door he saw the doctor lying on the floor crying.

Goenka: ‘What’s wrong! What happen to you?’
Doctor: ‘Business has been so bad… no one is sick this season’
Goenka: ‘Isn’t that a good thing having no one sick?’
Doctor: ‘Not for me, I want more sick people as that is how I can make more money’

Understand the importance of having the correct type of motivation. The doctor was using his practice to make money, not to help people.

Use this wisdom bomb and reflect if your business or lifestyle decisions are for selfish greed or for the good of everyone.

Wisdom Bomb #19
Fair trials

There is so much wisdom out there. I’ve fallen prey to constantly looking for new information as if it’s crack.

My love of learning is a definite strength if used correctly however I realized I had to stop spreading myself thin.

No more half assing shit.

Goenka illustrates an example of how if you are riding a beautiful black horse in your village and someone comes over and says

‘Your horse is so awesome and mine is also great…would you like to try?’

‘Sure. I will try your horse but I will not leave mine. I will have one foot on yours and one foot on my horse.’

You can probably tell how this story would end for the guy.

Use this wisdom bomb if you are willing to experience something (new meditation retreat) and just go all in. Give it a fair trial before you make your final decision on your course of action.

Wisdom Bomb #20

‘Save the best for last did you Daniel… I see what you did there…’

Well I’m sorry but if you made it to this point of the article I have to show you just how essential this is.

The number one law of nature (universal law of the world) is change. Everything is just changing, growing and decaying on a macro and especially micro level. Trillions of micro changes are happening every second that you cannot even realize.

The law of impermanence, it is easy to understand on an intellectual level.

‘Of course Daniel, everything is constantly changing that’s not new…’

The Vipassana technique without going into too much detail tells you to observe your bodily sensations. You realize how everything that comes up eventually leaves no matter how painful or itchy or frustrating it is. You experience the change at such a root level that it is unreal.

In your worse times and in your best times remind yourself that this will pass eventually. It always does. Do not attach any additional stress, misery to this law of nature.

Use this wisdom bomb to stop all of your good/bad interpretations and transcend it to just accepting the reality of the moment. Observe it with equanimity. Observe it the way it is and not the way you want it to be.


All in all it was quite the experience.

These were twenty realizations/reminders that I thought were very influential and wanted to share with you all.

There was a TON of deeper, core level stuff that I learned as well that I will be discussing in the near future.

In conclusion…

I could see myself going there a year from now for some period of solitude.

In the mean I look forward to continue creating, growing and inspiring Bold Wolves into the indestructible force it is bound to become.

See you soon champ,


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Boldness 101 – An Introduction To Living Boldly

Boldness 101 - An Introduction to Living Boldly

Reading time: 5 minutes

Today, we will be slowly peeling back the curtain of boldness.

What does it take to be bold? What does it mean? What mindsets and actions can you take starting right now?

I was pretty pumped up to write this as you soon will be able to tell.

Because of this very special occasion between us unconventional folks I have decided to drop massive wisdom bombs all over your screen…

We are going to talk about something that get’s my blood flowing more than anything else…

Follow me…


“Fear comes from uncertainty; we can eliminate the fear within us when we know ourselves better.” – Bruce Lee

Sadly Bruce has passed away before I had a chance to clarify as to how we can even begin to know ourselves better.


What are your fears?

How are they showing up in your life? How are you avoiding them?

Let’s start by taking a couple of baby steps in the right direction and understand that your fear dissipates once a bold action is taken.

I have checked out the definition from multiple dictionaries and each has slightly different versions, which I have combined to create this:

Boldness is the ability to take risks.

Boldness requires you to use your courage muscle.

Boldness is acting despite possible danger.

Boldness means to do what is right by your moral code.

Boldness means living with integrity.

Boldness gives you permission to risk failure in one’s effort to do what is right.

Boldness requires one thing.

It requires action.

*Action is a requirement to living boldly. *

Imagine having a first aid kit in your car and spending months memorizing the entire label and instruction manual back to cover.

What good does that do for you?


You can only learn once you decide to take action and open up the antiseptic spray and put a freaking Band-Aid on.

You can apply this type of thinking to every area of your life…

Let’s wake up shall we?

It all starts with bold action. Cool?


Let’s pick up the pace…

A brisk walk perhaps? Sweet.

Follow me.

Question: “How can I take bold action in face of my fears?”

Well, great question indeed anonymous!

Fearless TRUTH #1:

“In order to carry a positive action we must develop a positive vision.” – Dalai Lama

Bliss. Passion. Mission. Path. Purpose. Quest. Vision.

Call it what you want but I’m sure you have heard of this…

As my man, Joseph Campbell says, “follow your bliss”.

Follow what creates more joy in your life…Do more of what makes you happy!

It’s time to be a troublemaker.

In order to take any type of bold action when your fear shows up in your life, you must know what you want.

If you do not have any type of clarity on this then stop reading and take out your handy dandy journal.


If you don’t know the answer to these questions take some time (don’t worry we will still be here when you get back)…

Who am I?

What do I want my life to look like in 90 days, 1 year, 5 years?

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

If you had only 6 months to live, what would you do?

If you’re anything like me, this type of journaling is actually very intimidating and easy to resist.

Take a couple hours out of your day (pro tip: go into nature) and journal on these questions.

*Remember that your path/purpose right now is different than it was one year ago and will be different than it is right now. As you take bold action and stay on your current path/reality it ends up peeling back layer by layer of your onion (your mission in life) and you become more and more clearer and what you were born to accomplish in this life as you get closer and closer to your core.

What does having a vision have to do with bypassing your fears?

When you know what you really want, when you understand the gift that you can bestow on others, when all this becomes clear.

All roadblocks are obvious… the vision provides a massive level of motivation to take bold action in face of your fears.

Fearless TRUTH #2:

Let’s pick up the pace now…

Maybe a light jog? Cool.

Let’s go!

You will feel fear. You will have lots of pain. These are signs your getting closer and closer to the action you should be taking.

Since you are such an action taker already and because you have made it this far in this article I shall drop yet another wisdom bomb JUST for you…

The Boldness Paradigm Shift…

I have to say that since fully accepting this mindset, my life has changed dramatically.

Hear me out…

From now as a byproduct of your commitment to taking bold action, any type of result or outcome you create is now just data.

There is no good or bad. It just is. It is just data.

Every bold action you take…

Everything that happens in your life from now on is data. Every time you decide to face your fears, accept your pain and take bold action…

You will receive nothing more than some data.

Outcomes no longer exist…

This boldness mindset enables you to positively detach yourself from any outcomes, gives you permission to take massive action in light of your fears/pains and receive powerful data, which in return allows you to have incredible personal growth.

“Any action is often better than no action, especially if you have been stuck in an unhappy situation for a long time. If it is a mistake, at least you learn something, in which case it’s no longer a mistake. If you remain stuck, you learn nothing.” – Eckhart Tolle

Our inability to bypass our fear is what’s stopping us from reaching our potential.

We all have a duty to become successful in our life. We all have a duty to give great service to the world. We all have a duty to make a difference.

My dream is for someone to read this and decide to take bold action in face of their fears.

My dream is to have everyone living purposefully and not letting their fears stop them from actualizing their potential.

These are my top tips I tell my private clients to sort of ‘fall in love’ with pain and fear…

1) Breathe Mothafucka!

I’m not here to teach you the benefits of meditation, hopefully, by this point you already know. If not check out some other great articles on this website for all your meditation inquiries.

For this specific way, I want you to understand that the difference between fear and excitement is just lack of breathe.

Next time you are nervous, feeling any sort of fear in the midst of taking bold action. Take a deep breath; unclench your jaw (put your tongue on the top of your mouth) and relax your body.

Feel the fear turn to excitement…

Feel the flow of energy pulsing through you…

Love this moment. Channel this energy.

Smile confidently then continue to dominate your next action.

On to the next…

2) Fire. Ready. Aim.

1, 2, 3  DO IT!

This is the #1 way to move past indecision. The longer you think about the task at hand the more likely your brain convinces you to do not take any action.

Do not even give your thoughts a chance. Take action.

Take bold action (fire), then get ready than you learn from all the data and keep fucking going.

It’s that simple.


Fear doesn’t need conquering any more, fear tells you where the edge is, fear is a good thing.

Start becoming excited when you feel this sensation and take a tiny bit of bold action to rid you of the dreaded comfort zone.

Use these 3 small techniques in your upcoming boldness battles.


If you are reading these articles and investing in yourself you are already far from being average.

However…you cannot reach your potential without this secret sauce.

I cannot make an omelet without eggs…

You cannot actualize what you MUST BE without taking bold action in face of your fears.

Our adventure is coming to a close…

We warmed up together, walked briskly…

You tried to outrun me… (We know how that went)

I honestly broke a sweat…

Seriously… You had me going back there 

My last thought for you is this:

Imagine a door to a room…

Inside this room holds your purpose, destiny and everything you could possibly want on the other end…

This door has a special key that opens it…

This special key is taking bold action amongst your fears and pains…

You don’t have to enter the room. Actually people rarely do…

It’s up to you and you alone.

Do you want to enter the room and become great?


Or step backward into mediocrity…

I know my choice…

See you inside champ.

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Are You Doing Personal Development Wrong?

Are You Doing Personal Development Wrong?

Reading time: 5 minutes

Her: “Just found a shortcut, take exit 11.”

Me: (Nods Head)

Her: “Literally just saved us 20 minutes! We will make it on time for sure.”

Me: (nods head)

Her: “Imagine if we came late… that would have sucked.”

Me: (nods head a tad faster in agreement)

Her: “Well, thanks for the input..”

Me: (quick sideways glance, smile and back to eyeing the road)

*2-minute silence*

Her: “You are such an asshole!”

Me: “What did I do?!”

Her: “You ignore everything I say and don’t pay attention! It’s like I’m having a conversation with myself.”

Little did she know at the time (before explaining myself), but I felt completely involved in the conversation.

— — — — — — — — —

As an introvert, you probably can relate to having this type of situation every once in awhile.

As an extrovert, you’re probably reading that conversation and can remember past conversations that were very similar.

Whether you are more extroverted or introverted (I call bullshit on ambiverts) is extremely important to know.

Knowing your Myers-Briggs personality type as my friend so eloquently said…

“…is as important as knowing if you’re a man or a woman.”

You might read that sentence and call bullshit.

I know I once did.

I took some 10-minute quiz, answered some questions and read some cool information that seemed like me.

At the time I valued this information as much as I value horoscopes (very little).

Two years later I met with an expert in Myers-Briggs and he explained all the cognitive functions in depth.

You know how some words you just ‘know’ the meaning of and have heard it hundreds of times but can’t really explain it?

Well, cognitive was one of those for me.

So check out the definition of cognitive functions that I looked up 3 minutes after that initial meeting with the expert.

“Cognitive functions can be defined as cerebral activities that lead to knowledge, including all means and mechanisms of acquiring information.”

In short, it’s how we process information and make decisions.

It’s the blueprint and key to understanding ourselves and others.

It’s how you see the world.

Your 4 letter personality type explains how your brain is wired, which functions you are weakest and strongest in.

A quick breakdown of the eight possible cognitive functions…

Extrovert (E) or Introvert (I)

Sensing (S) or Intuitive (N)

Thinkers (T) or Feelers (F)

Perceivers (P) or Judgers (J)

Sixteen possible combinations and you are definitely one of them.

You can take a test such as or the genius style quiz on


Be as honest as possible in your answers, there is no correct answer. Just like in medicine, the correct diagnosis is almost the most important part of the doctor’s job.

Whatever four letter combination shows up does not necessarily mean that’s your type.

For example, I took the test and it showed I was an ENFP (the description matched me as well). Later on after talking with the expert I mentioned earlier we found out I was actually an INFJ.

Why could the answer be different?

...because it’s an online quiz for one, and some types are very similar to each other. When I was finally typed correctly as an INFJ I just knew it was me. All the functions made sense for the way I viewed the world.

Why Does This Matter?

Finding out your correct four letters is like finally understanding how your car works (engine, wheels, steering, brakes, etc) AND having the key to getting it started and moving.

Finding out your correct four letters will aid you in finding your ‘purpose’ or ‘passion’ and explain why you excel in certain areas and suck in others.

Finding out your correct four letters will tell you your strengths and weaknesses so you develop increased self-awareness as you continue in this journey of life. 

Finding out your correct four letters will help you with dating and understanding what type of woman/man you actually desire to be around.

There are numerous other benefits that we won’t get into today.

Right now…

Let’s get back to the reason you clicked this article in the first place…

I forget what the exact quote was but to paraphrase marketing wizard Dan Kennedy he said something like ‘if you are not planning your personal development you ain’t shit.’

Or, at least that’s how I heard it.

It never really sunk in.

It got stuck in that part of the brain where you ‘know stuff’.

Yeah, that part.

The part where you say stuff like “ohh I know that” and “I know this already”.

The part of the brain where action separates from knowledge.

You know that working out is good for you.

You know this…

But you decide to take your talents to the couch instead.

Finally, after I realized that I was falling prey to the information overload bias I decided to take a step back, bird’s eye view my progress and plan my development.

For the last year, it worked very well.

I improved. I slowly started to become the ‘best version of myself’ (is anyone else slowly starting to hate that phrase?).

It wasn’t enough.

I lacked the most important part of any type of self-help, self-development.

The foundation for any type of growth in ANY field.


I had some of it…

I meditated daily, qi gong, some yoga here and there, read a ton, hired coaches and mentors. 

I was pretty ‘aware’ until I found out the truth.

I didn’t truly know myself and how I work.

Myers-Briggs changed the game for me.

First, I figured out my real weaknesses, my strengths and how exactly I process information around me.

Second, I started understanding everyone’s personality types that I hung out with. It allowed me to become a better friend, to empathize and be supportive. It allowed me to use my strengths of connection and understanding in unique ways to different people.

Thirdly (is that a word?), I was able to develop my own values for my life, relationships, and success. This process (took weeks) has redefined my life and my level of happiness. My values now represent who I actually am, and they are in my own language, not anybody else's.

A completely different ball game.

While I am many, many hours away from even being considered an amateur expert in MBTI — I appreciated how much it helped me.

Some key takeaways you can have from this article…

  1. Find out your personality type. Take multiple tests, be honest and consult an expert to be typed officially.
  2. Find out who else was that personality type. Study and model the most developed people with your cognitive functions. When I study movie characters, tv show actors and famous people with my personal type it’s like they are a developed version of myself. The way they talk, see the world is very similar to me. 
  3. Go in depth on your type, learn your strengths, weaknesses, belief system, communication style etc.
  4. Don’t let any of your functions hold you down. The most introverted person in the world can be extremely social. Don’t let any of these functions become your ‘excuse’ to how you deal with the world.
  5. Define your values based on past experiences and your type. Build your character this way as well.
  6. Type all your close friends and understand the language they speak, then speak it to them.
  7. Plan your personal development based on your interests and personality type development.

If you are an introvert, stop being a fucking extrovert to fit in. It’s ok to have and develop an inner life. It’s ok to nod your head as an answer.

You might think this is some woo-woo bullshit.

Myers and Briggs are stupid and yada yada yada…

It’s cool, I understand.

I thought like that for quite some time.

Maybe this is not the self-awareness tool for you.

Maybe it is. 

It definitely has been an integral part of my development.

I wrote this article to demonstrate how learning my type has helped my personal development, my values, my goals and every part of my life.

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