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Simple Always Works

Simple always works.

Follow this ten step program for guaranteed results.

If you do these 17 steps you will achieve success. 

It's all bullshit, really. 

The truth: simple always works.

It always works.

If something is not working in your life right now, you must simplify it.

Let's break this down into the categories of our life.

1. Health and building your desired physique

I used to workout for a couple months then step. See some results then quit. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat. 

It obviously was not working for me because I still was a skinny tall kid. 

Then I decided to simplify it.

I decided to go to the gym 6 times a week.

I decided to eat certain foods and stop eating others. 

I knew the exact workout for each day, and made it SIMPLE. I didn't choose to reserve three machines and do a super set on each while counting down the seconds of rest. 

That's not simple. That will not work.

2. Wealth and becoming rich

I used to be broke. Barely afford gas for my car and food to eat.

I wasn't making more money and I wasn't becoming rich.

I decided to simplify it.

Now, I choose to pay myself 10% of my money using the principle in the Richest Man In Babylon.

I decided to save money for experiences such as traveling and concerts.

I decided to invest a certain percentage into my own development. The better I get the better my clients and everything I do gets. 

3. Relationships

How do I connect with this person?

How do I attract more girls?

How do I have new friendships with cool people on the same path?

What I used to do didn't work.

Then I simplified everything.

I focused on the fundamentals.

I became high status.

I learned how to have an incredible conversation.

I learned the most important thing about relationships.

Change the way you BE in life and the people will come. If you work on yourself and start living an attractive purposeful life, the right people always show up. 

Every part of our life. 

We choose to overcomplicate things.

Write down your thoughts on paper. Draw a mind map. Speak into a microphone for thirty minutes.

Simplify your life.

It always works. 

Your man,


23 Lessons I Learned From Being A Beach Boy

23 Lessons I Learned From Being A Beach Boy

Don’t call me a beach boy. Call me a ‘recreation concierge’. That has a better ring to it.

I applied at the ripe age of 18 to my first hotel. My manager said I had “the worst interview he ever took”, but for some reason I still got the job. I’m glad they took the chance because it changed my life completely.

The following are some of the countless lessons I learned from working in the pool and beach department for the best hotels in Miami Beach, Florida.

1. Attention to detail

Detail, detail detail.

As a beach attendant at a five star hotel, it’s the detail that makes the difference.

Every single lounge chair is placed in the same direction. Every chair aligned perfectly. Every single piece of trash picked up. Every small spec of bird shit was noticed.

Day after day I would actively walk the property seeking perfection.

Without realizing it, I was building up this external awareness muscle. Now, I’m able to walk in everywhere and not just look, but observe.

Noticing the details, what’s right and what’s wrong has become one my biggest strengths to date.

2. How to tip

Quarters and nickels to thousand dollar checks and everything in between.

I’ve been tipped in every way possible.

In regards to tipping correctly, don’t do the following:

  1. Be afraid to show the money. Some people would crinkle a dollar bill into 46 squares in order to hide to exchange of money.
  2. Don’t loudly proclaim you giving them money so their friends and everyone around will hear it.
  3. Don’t promise to tip and not keep your word.

3. Be wary of big tips

There was one particular baller that the entire service industry in South Beach had heard about.

He was known for extravagant tips and his ruthless demeanor.

Being the manager at the hotel he frequented it, I quickly became his go-to man with him writing me a $1,500 check just for refilling his water.

Having not witnessed the ‘ruthless demeanor’ aspect of his personality I quickly realized that this $1,500 check had it’s price.

When someone tips you well above the average amount, many times there are strings attached. An invisible umbilical cord that bonds both of you.

In this particular case, due to something outside of my control. He ended up threatening to sue me and almost got me fired because of his connections.

Be wary of big tips, be wary of extreme favors people give you. Don’t be surprised when they come back asking for more.

4. Befriend the chef

Hotel food is rarely something to brag about. After working in hundred degree weather, sweating and hustling hard. There are few things more enjoyable than a freshly grilled burger from the poolside restaurant.

I learned the guiding principle that veterans in the hospitality industry all know: befriend the chef.

5. How to hustle

Somedays us beach attendants needed more money than others. Maybe it was an upcoming bill or to go to some party in the evening.

Those days you came in with a certain type of energy.

The energy of the hustler.

Boom. A bigger smile. A more enthusiastic greeting.

There were many little actions that could be embellished. An extra loud grunt to give the perception that the umbrella was way heavier then expected. Maybe it was a water pitcher with lemons, oranges, limes, extra cups and extra ice. Maybe it was taking the time to learn their entire life history.

The hustle gene was born inside of me and has persisted ever since.

6. Do what you hate first

The job required tons of physical effort. Most of my team members at the time would hate closing the beach.

Moving all of the chairs back into hiding. All umbrellas back into storage. Picking up all the trash.

This was the best time for the slackers to purposefully ‘disappear’ to the bathroom or immediately start picking up the plastic tables (lightest and easiest workload).

Not me.

I quickly learned that the only way to leave out on time was to do what I hated, first.

That meant doing the most difficult and physically draining work.

Once it was done, there was always an immediate relief.

The rest was easy! Call it eat the frog, but the principle has been applied to my every single day routine with remarkable effects.

7. Add meaning to the mundane

When I was promoted to manager, I had a lot more to be responsible for.

I spent every day off reading leadership books and applying it immediately once I came back to work.

There was one action that I just couldn’t find a way to motivate and inspire my team members.

Cleaning the bird shit off the cushions.

Multiple times a day, these seagulls would commit target practice defecating all over the place.

Being the manager at this luxury hotel, our team had the privilege of cleaning this.

No-one willingly would want this part, and I tried everything. We would pick two new people every day so it was a rotation. I would join them in cleaning it. There was rewards such as going to lunch first etc, etc.

Nothing stuck until I learned how to truly inspire people.

During this time of devouring leadership books, I was reading the Steve Jobs biography (highly recommended). Steve had a habit of going on walking meetings with his team.

I decided to apply this and ended up walking all of my team members to the locker room (five minute walk) to talk about their day, what went well etc.

As I started to get closer to each individual, they would talk to me about their dreams and future career goals (no-one wants to be a beach attendant for the rest of their life).

A month into this process, the idea hit me.

I began to connect all the small ‘bullshit’ things we had to do every day to the grand picture.

Cleaning bird shit was no longer cleaning bird shit. It was building your attention to detail to help you become a better CEO.

Every small action was connected to their future vision. This changed everyone's relationship with cleaning bird shit, that even surprised the seagulls themselves.

8. Creating alliances

If someone is young and in a very high position in a company. This usually means that they had help.

I’m not saying that they don’t deserve the job, I’m saying that they actively sought out alliances to help propel them to their current status.

During my tenure as beach attendant → manager in multiple hotels I created alliances with other ambitious hard working people.

No matter how good I became at my job, without these friendships I wouldn’t have been fortunate enough to receive the opportunities I had.

9. How to separate yourself from the pack

Being a beach attendant doesn’t require talent. It required hard work and attention to detail.

Everyone could do the bare requirements for this job, so the only way to seperate myself from everyone else was two things:

  1. Consistency
  2. The ‘extra’

The majority of everyone that I worked with just did the bare minimum. I would always go a little extra, every single time.

My name became synonymous for ‘job well done’ and you could count on me for holding it down no matter what.

Managers and future directors after I got promoted loved this about me. It made THEIR job easier. They didn’t have to worry about the quality of my work.

I learned that doing more than the bare minimum and being consistent (in every part of my life) has lasting benefits.

10. Be honest

Everyone fucks up.

Everyone makes a mistake.

Sometimes that mistake get’s people fired.

I witnessed many people get fired for mistakes, but every now and then there was this rare person even if they knew that telling the truth would get them fired, would fess up.

Many times that ability to be honest actually kept them in the job, brought more honor to themselves and had the entire company respect them even more.

Being honest when it’s the hardest is so crucial. It might have some short term pain, but there is always long term gain.

11. Make it happen

One of the most valuable mindsets I learned was that of ‘make it happen’.

Just make it happen no matter what.

I would become a master technician. An expert builder.

WHATEVER was needed in order to make it happen. If a guest needed a table and we were out, I would run to another hotel and take their table and tip someone and run back.

When you have this type of mindset of making it happen no matter what. You stop looking for why you can’t do something and find ways you can.

12. Consistency is key

“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” — Dwayne Johnson

Many of my team members would excell one day, then take the next day off. Some would do great work for a week then have a bad week. I saw it all.

I contrasted this behavior with the most successful people in the company in realized immediately that the people that are making the most money, having the greatest impact where showing up powerfully every single day.

Consistency is key.

13. You are only as good as your weakest link

Another one of my key lessons while reading Steve Job’s biography was the idea of working with A-players.

When I first got promoted to assistant manager, a lot of team members didn’t like me (if not most) because I was determined to only work with A players.

Many people quit, but the people that stayed ended up loving it because being an A-player surrounded by A-players is a rare opportunity.

14. World vs. the American attitude

The company I worked with and numerous hotels were using the J1 Visa (hiring people from Bali/Slovakia and other countries) to come for a summer internship.

I was truly blessed to meet some of the most inspiring, hardest working people I have ever been around in my life.

These people worked tirelessly, were grateful and just a joy to be around. I realized that a lot of people that were born in America didn’t have the same work ethic and hustle as immigrants.

Rudi, Putu, Widi, Stanley, Svetlana, Simona, Odik, and me.

15. Whatever problem you are dealing with is funny a couple years from now

When I was being about to be sued by the millionaire from #3, I couldn’t think of anything else.

Many times in my career there was a huge problem and I couldn’t get my mind off of it. It consumed me and caused a lot of stress.

In hindsight I realize now that everything will pass. I am bigger than my problems and so are you.

16.Hiring friends rarely works

Hiring friends rarely works, when it does it really does.

However, if you take your career or job seriously. Hiring friends is risk.

I witnessed first hand how it ruins friendships and forces people to make extremely tough decisions.

Would you fire your best friend?

17. Perception is reality

I remember having a team member who just worked extremely hard.

This was one of the busiest days of the year and this man came in early, chose to do the hardest workout of all the tasks. Spent extra time on the opening process instead of just focusing on money. Offered to go to lunch last. You name it, but he was just the MVP by a mile.

Half way into his shift, his watch broke so he went inside the poolside restaurant (employee section) and checked his phone for half a moment to see the time. Just as he took out the phone, the GM at the time walked by and noticed it.

Perception is reality. The GM doesn’t know what actually happened. He percieved something and that is the reality for him until proven otherwise.

One of my greatest lessons was witnessing this.

18. Looks matter

Time and time again I witnessed ‘attractive’ people get promotions, and more opportunities.

Yeah. It’s true.

And we can complain about how it’s not fair yada yada yada but that won’t solve anything.

The only thing that everyone MUST do is to utilize the halo effect.

Wearing fitting clean clothes. Putting on a suit, dress shirt. Nice shoes. A fresh haircut. A trimmed and styled beard.

All of this gives you the power and opportunities that others won’t have.

19. Don’t fuck your employees

It’s so simple.

There are so many women out there. And for you women, there are more than enough men.

I saw countless managers fuck their employees and get fired, suspended or just ruin their future career growth.

It’s not worth it.

I know, especially if you are in a position of power, it’s so easy to do it. Don’t!

20. Storytelling

When I was first promoted, we would hold a 10 minute morning meeting discussing the occupancy, VIP guests etc.

I realized the power of storytelling during this time.

Instead of me telling a team member to make more sales.

I would tell someone the story of Colonel Sander and how he got rejected 1009 times before the 1010th gave him a chance to create the empire it is today.

Storytelling are immensely more persuasive than just speaking plainly.

21. How to instantly connect

As a proud introvert, it was extremely tough for a couple months.

Every single day having to greet and talk to hundreds of people. Coming home drained and dreading the fact that I would have to do it all over again tomorrow.

It took me thousands of conversations, but revealed one of my greatest gifts:

The ability to connect with anyone.

22. Be high status

While studying all the millionaires, entrepreneurs, celebrities I had first hand experience on what being high status looks like.

It’s no mistake that people in positions of power are high status.

It’s not some random error.

It’s absolutely CRUCIAL for you to study and learn to be as high status as possible so you will make more money, have better relationships and the best career opportunities.

Read here to learn 39 ways to be higher status.

23. My love of training

I thought it was my purpose to be a leader.

I was devouring every single book I could on the topic and loving that I had an opportunity to apply my knowledge the very next day.

After two years of management I realized that it wasn’t the leadership.

It wasn’t being a manager.

It wasn’t the power.

It was coaching and training people. Helping others become all they can possibly be.

It’s why I quit hospitality and now coach professional athletes, entrepreneurs and introverted men.

I would never have had that realization if it wasn’t for hospitality.

In Conclusion…

I am truly blessed to have met incredible friends, mentors and brothers for life.

I have hundreds of other lessons and stories from my days as a beach boy all the way to part of the management team of 50 people.

The intention was to inspire you to look at your past or your current job,and be grateful for all the lessons of what to do and what not to do it’s giving you.

Write a comment telling me what are some of your favorite takeaways.


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39 Ways To Be The Highest Status Person In The Room

41 Ways To Be The Highest Status Person In The Room

1. Workout, sculpt your body to perfection.

This is more than looks. The type of person that spends hours at a discipline. The type of person that doesn’t give into impulses. The type of person that can make a commitment AND keep it.

These are traits of the high status man.This type of person LOVES going to the gym. He is determined and willing to put in the work.

The added benefit of going to the gym is raising your testosterone, becoming happier, sleeping better and increased creativity.

2. Love Yourself

The high status person has an aura of self love that permeates through every single movement. Every spoken word or idea.

It’s a choice to love all of you (including that part you hate). No child has ever looked in the mirror and said “I wish I didn’t have freckles!”.

Love yourself. Love your accent. Love your freckles. Love every part about you, because it’s more useful than hating yourself.

Read “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It” by Kamal Ravikant for more.

3. Raise testosterone and lower cortisol

This is an absolute necessity for men.It’s also an extremely easy fix.

Increased testosterone will have immediate effects on your thoughts.

Better thoughts = better feelings = better actions = better character = better destiny. Raising testosterone literally changes your life.

You lower cortisol because it is the stress hormone. Thus making you more calm, more at ease and increase happiness.

4. Have incredible self-talk

Our mind is simple. It attempts to bring us closer to pleasure and avoid pain.

If your mind thinks about walking into a meeting and the mental pictures you are experiencing are telling you that people are judging you and hating you…rest assured you will be in for a tough time.

High status people have incredible talk in between their ears that allows them to find pleasure in what low status people find painful.

5. Body language

There are experts out there that are much better at talking about this then me. But in terms of principles there are two you must follow:

  • Be open. It’s extremely simple. Just don’t be closed (arms, legs etc).
  • Take up space. High status people are not afraid to take up space and don’t try to act invisible.

6. Be around high status people

If you are around a bunch of low-status people it’s easier to fall into their reality if you aren’t mindful.

If you are stuck with a certain group, then make sure to watch or talk to a friend that's high status or a video of someone you admire.

7. Posture

Chest forward, shoulders back, chin up. Posture changes your thoughts which affect your feelings. It makes you feel immensely more confident.

Posture is not something you turn on and off. If you are reading this right now sitting down….How is your posture?

If it’s absolutely terrible. I recommend you go to the Egoscue clinic. If it’s mediocre read an article about it here.

8. Be actually happy

A great friend of mine said that happiness is smiling to yourself when you are alone in the elevator.

It’s a strong feeling of content. It’s not high energy.

There is a distinction between being happy and joyful.

Joy = happy + excitement.

Happiness is just a deep contentment. You are happy with life and you take conscious steps every day to keep you in this state.

(Gratitude, working out, self-talk, environment).

9. Walk slowly

What's the rush? Slow the fuck down. When you walk slowly you start noticing your surroundings.

You become more mindful.

The high status person is not in a rush to do anything.

If you must walk faster be quick but don’t hurry. Each step is mindful as you kiss your feet against the floor.

10. Don’t be easily impressed

Are you looking at the Mona Lisa? No? Okay, then.

Stop responding to the mundane as if you just heard the news that Pluto became a planet again.

11. Demand attention when you talk

When conversing with another human, make sure your words are landing on engaged ears.

In Russian there is a saying that translated means “do you hear me or are you just listening to me?”.

Pause until you have their full attention. If they are distracted don’t continue the conversation.

12. Think big thoughts

Next time you are waiting, take this opportunity to think BIG THOUGHTS. The high status person is bigger than their problems.

Think about billion dollar problems. Think about your mission in life. Big thoughts fill your head. Contemplate BIG ideas. There is no time to be grounded in reality.

13. Touch people

Touch a shoulder, an elbow, give a hug, shake a hand.

There are no barriers to touching people. Make sure to use social awareness and absolutely no groping. It’s all in the flow of the conversation.

14. High status eye contact

Eyes are filled with warmth and tinged with a sense of aliveness.

When you break eye contact never look down.

The key to high status eye contact is in the transition. Once you lock eyes with someone never dart to the next target. Hold for three, two, one and very slowly look left or right.

15. Do less , be more.

Say a sentence without speaking. Move without moving. Ask without asking.

Follow the law of least effort. What can you communicate in a sentence that used to take a paragraph?

Do less, be more.

16. Have a generous spirit, everyone gets love

Pick up the bill. Pour the drinks. Invite people into conversations.

It’s a generous spirit that surrounds everything you do. Living like this is an expression of having abundance in your life.

17. Boundaries

While having this generous spirit and attitude you have clear boundaries.

You say things like “don’t do that” or “don’t behave like that.”

You have a generous spirit but do not allow people going over your boundaries.

The high status man is not afraid to assert himself against challengers to the throne.

18. Laugh loudly

The high status man doesn’t hold back at all.

Never again hold back your laugh, your smile. Show up fully (that means all of you). If he feels sad, he says it. If he’s happy he says. The high status man is genuine.

19. Shake hands correctly

Read this: A Manly Handshake: An Illustrated Guide

This is part of making a great first impression. Don’t mess this up. It’s simple but not always easy.

20. Don’t go out of your way to befriend high status people

The high status person doesn’t randomly befriend other high status people. If he must, he will.

Ask for introductions. Let it happen naturally and organically. You can have a target but you don’t go out of your way to make a connection. Ask for an introduction. Find commonalities and understand that it won’t happen overnight.

21. Entitled Attitude

The high status person is entitled. There of course is healthy and not healthy levels to this.

Healthy entitlement is the sense that you have the right to want things, even if you might not get them. Or you can be like Conor McGregor’s level of entitlement: Watch this from 3:12 onward.

22. Master how to have great first impressions

Master the craft of having great first impressions. The intention would be that within seconds of meeting you this person is in awe.

Learning to shake someone's hand, warm eye contact, remembering their name and the energetic connection behind it are all crucial to master this.

23. Dress well, utilize the halo effect

Look good you feel good. Get out of your comfort zone. Never wear cargo shorts again. Wear a dress shirt, a tie, nice pants and ABSOLUTELY wear great shoes.

24. Placement

Where are you standing? If the opportunity presents itself the high status man always chooses the most comfortable seat. Choose to have your back against a wall so no-one could be behind you.

25. Walk in and stop.

Walk into the nightclub, the meeting room, the coffee shop and stop for three seconds. Look around, smell the air and then continue on your path. SHOCKING how doing this makes you 668% more charismatic and magnetic.

26. It’s all good

Your mindset is completely content. It’s all good. That’s good. That’s good. Oh, that? that’s also good. Unfailing coolness, it’s all good even if it's bad it’s good. “It’ll be alright” type of attitude. A high status person is bigger than their problems.

27. Have an impossible mission

Have an impossible mission for yourself that you are creating. It takes a great man to decide to occupy Mars. Choosing an impossible goal like stopping world hunger. This elevates your inner world of status to the infinite degree.

28. Speak for the group and to the group

High status people are leaders. Not followers. As a leader you take charge of the group, you speak to the group lead in the direction that’s best for everyone.

29. Have impeccable social skills

You have an incredible external awareness. You understand what’s happening underneath the surface. You understand group dynamics. You feel into the mood of the group as a leader. You know when to be silent. You know when and how to connect deeply.

Communication is your most valuable skill that CAN and MUST be developed.

30. Don’t talk with an upward pitch

You don’t finish your sentences with an upward intonation. This is an expression of people pleasing behavior. You end your statements and questions the same way they were started.

There is not an ounce of people pleasing or seeking for agreement when you communicate as a high status man.

31. Make statements rather than questions.

How are you? vs. Tell me about your day.

What made you do that? vs. Im curious what drove you to do that.

Simple switch that changes the whole dynamics of a conversation.

32. Don’t gossip

Ray Dalio banned gossip in his offices. High status people ban it from their entire life. It makes you look terrible. The high status person is gossiped about, not the gossiper. Plus, remember that you have more important things to talk about like that mission from #27.

33. Don’t complain

The high status man is a creator. He isn’t complaining about how the world is. There is absolutely no reason to complain. The high status man either accepts reality or works to change it.

Stop talking about your emotional injuries “you won’t believe what happen to me today” yes I will, stop your victim shit immediately.

34. Warmth

Warmth in your eye contact. Your voice. Your body language.

It disarms people immediately. Warmth creates connection and lowers the wall that are around people's ability to connect.

35. Have an air of effortlessness

This can only TRULY be achieved if you have suffered, you have put in the fucking work in private to shine in public. You have spent hours perfecting your skills in life and the social world. Then you can truly be effortless and natural and spontaneous.

36. Directness



If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a no for now. The high status isn’t ‘floaty’ he is direct and decisive. This is reflected in conversation, movement and presence.

37. Be a master seducer

The world is your playground. You walk into a room and understand that it’s all a game. This is your playful philosophy on life.

You understand the fundamental aspect of humans. They are bored. People are bored. People are begging to be seduced, to be led astray and come alive. The high status person gives them this gift.

PS. The power from a master seducer comes from his ability to BE seduced. Seduced by great food, art, beauty and romance. Be sensitive to pleasure (this puts you in a positive mood no matter what is happening).

38. You don’t need anyones approval.

The high status doesn't do anything for approval. He realizes it’s not his responsibility that people are comfortable in his presence. He doesn’t suppress his energy or spirit for anyone.

The paradox of this, is that people actually like him because he is NOT a people pleaser.

39. Every day raise your status

You work on yourself every single day. Health, wealth, relationships, spirit and all the buckets that matter to you.

Every day you work on your inner prestige so you truly are the highest status person in the universe for YOURSELF.

Be silent. Your actions speak loud enough.

Be Silent. Your Actions Speak Loud Enough

Reading time: 2 minutes

Stop talking. Stop wishing. Stop Dreaming. Stop looking for the next hack, the next secret tip.

If someone where to check your bank account for the last three months without knowing anything about you, what would they think about you?

If someone were to follow you around the entire day, how would they describe you as a person?

Is there a discrepancy between what you say and what you do?

You say you are interested in working out and losing weight?

But…your actions say otherwise.

You say you are interested in becoming wealthy beyond your wildest imaginations!

But…you haven’t put away any savings nor invested any money.

You say you are interested in changing your personality, becoming social and charismatic?

But…you don’t talk to strangers, you don’t socialize, you don’t connect.

Climb a mountain and don’t tell a soul.

It’s time to wake up from this illusion that most of us live in.

Create a 30-day challenge for any area of your life that you want to improve. Don’t tell a single person of what you are doing. Prove it to yourself that you are committed. Prove it to the universe that you are willing to put in the work.

Commit to waking up at 5:00am every day.

Commit to not eating junk food for a month.

Commit to saying hello to three strangers every day.

Commit to putting 10% of your income in your savings.

Commit to taking cold showers every single day.

Commit to doing 20 pushups/squats every single day.

Commit to meditating every day.

Don’t tell anyone of this challenge. It’s between you and you.

Your mind will do what you tell it to do.

If you want to break a sweat every day for 30 days, then tell your mind that.

Literally tell yourself:

“I want to break a sweat everyday for the next 30 days” “I choose to break a sweat everyday for the next 30 days, I choose to feel excited and happy every workout I do”. “I love working out, I love improving myself, I love taking action when I go after my goals”.

Your mind wants you to succeed, and make life easier for you.

Boost your self talk, make your new commitment enjoyable, tell yourself that you love it, that it excites you, that it makes you happy, that it fills you with joy.

Then stop talking and do it.

Your actions will show if you really want change, or if you just say you do.

And remember, be silent. Your actions will speak loud enough.

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The Game of Perspectives

The Game of Perspectives

Reading time: 2 minutes

Life is...

Ask ten people to free associate what comes up and you will have a complete range of answers.

Life is hard. Life is easy. Life is stressful. Life is difficult. Life is fun. Life is beautiful. Life is sad. Life is a struggle. Life is filled with opportunities.

Well, then. Who is correct?

Maybe it’s all of the above or maybe they are all wrong?

The nature of our mind ends up filling in the blanks then convincing us that it’s a 100% concrete reality.

Perhaps, it is.

Life is hard for me! So it therefore must be hard for everyone else. 

Hard truth:

Here is something we know for sure: this physical body of ours will die eventually.

Let’s guesstimate that it will happen in 60+ years.

60 years. 21,900 days. 525,600 hours. 31,536,000 minutes.

Because of numerous factors you currently have a dominant perspective on how life is.

The funny thing about life is that it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you believe that life is , lets say, hard? Then you will experience life as hard. If you say, perhaps life is a game? Then you will experience life as a game.

There is no correct answer to how to view life.

It’s up to us as individuals to crack open our perspective vault and view life in the perspective that is serving us the most.

The game of perspectives...

Consciously choosing the perspective that serves you the most.

Is life happening for your benefit or against you?

It’s a choice of how you view the world.

Start building and growing your perspective vault. Constantly place deposits into it as if it’s a bank.

View life from the perspective as a kid, as a champion, as a king, as a master seducer, as a leader, as the person you admire most does.

Find the perspective that serves you the most and start playing that game.

I ask you again...

Life is...

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Seeking Beauty, The Ultimate Inspiration For Life

Seeking Beauty, The Ultimate Inspiration For Life

Reading time: 3 minutes


A topic I would casually glance over a year ago. 

A topic that had no interest for me.

A topic that has rapidly become my greatest ally on this journey and adventure of life.

Beauty has slowly but surely become my greatest source of inspiration, my fuel against the mundane, the evil, the mediocrity that surrounds and plots to bring us down. 

Beauty is the compass, it fills me up with possibilities, leaving me with a bunch of "I can!" vs. "I cannot".

Is it even important in this day and age? Does beauty matter?

Have you fallen off the rails, Daniel?

Perhaps...but for a moment, entertain me. 

Seek Beauty

Where can one find beauty? Where should we seek it?

Real beauty is located beneath the surface of everything in this world. It requires principle #3 'slowing down' in order to grasp it. Watch this video for an example: 

Beauty is not reserved for the seven wonders of the world, beauty is everywhere you look.

Without beauty, this is just a plastic bag, with beauty it makes your heart cringe, fills you with inspiration and leaves you speechless.

What a radical difference it is once you look beneath the surface. 

I consciously choose to seek beauty because as I go through my journey, even an object like a plastic bag could provide an abundance of inspiration and fuel to keep going.

I made this choice because I understood that just getting by, surviving not thriving and saying 'where did the last 5 years of my life go', was not for me.

What beauty is not

Was Vincent Van Gogh's paintings beautiful before they were worth millions of dollars?

Yes, however they did not have anyone to appreciate it.

Society will bombard us with images of what 'beauty is' but the reality is simple:

Beauty cannot be owned, possessed or captured. 

Our intention and duty, is to allow our hearts to open, allow the inspiration of beauty to crawl in.

"Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it." - Confucious.

Beauty hurts, it breaks our hearts and fills us with pain.

Andrew Harvey said it best: "If you're really listening, if you're awake to the poignant beauty of the world, your heart breaks regularly. In fact, your heart is made to break; its purpose is to burst open again and again so that it can hold evermore wonders."

My invitation to you, today is to seek beauty.

Seek the moments where beauty makes you cry, fills you with delight and sends shivers down your body. 

Every single moment is an opportunity to inject beauty into this world.

Every single human interaction has the potential to be filled with elegance, poise, grace and beauty. 

Seek beauty no matter the cost, for it is the fuel for a life worth living.  


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I feel blessed for this opportunity to express myself on this platform through writing, videos and other forms of creative expression. If my words have impacted you in some way and you're curious to learn more subscribe to my weekly email newsletter.

No gimmicks, no scam. I am committed to creating world class content and possibly aiding you on your journey. My readers include both men and women, introvert and extrovert, CEOs and entrepreneurs, students, coaches, masters, rookies and quality human beings in general. They all signed up to be inspired, held accountable and grow together. 

Ready to join us? Just enter your name and email and sign up for my free newsletter below. Yes, I want to know your name because I actually like knowing who is on my list. 

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