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I’m a Baller.

I'm a Baller.

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Seriously, I look at myself in the mirror and realize that I’m as baller as they come.

I walk like a baller, I talk like a baller and you best believe that I am a baller. 

Definition of Baller: For me, it means powerful, sexy and playful. This is one aspect of my personality.

I think how to make my life as magnificent and glorious as possible. I dream big. I inspire others to think louder.

The mission I’m on is to inspire 1 million people to step into their own version of being a baller. To help others sing their song as loudly as possible.

Before we continue, what are you thinking when I say that?

Are you indifferent? Are you confused? Are you triggered? Are you cheering me on?

Being a baller means different things to different people. Some of you might think of Dwayne Johnson from the HBO show ballers. Some people might think about ‘poppin bottles’ at the club. 

All of you will have some type of interpretation.

Let me take you back to when I was 18 years old.

I was blessed to be working in one of the most esteemed hotels in Miami Beach. Five star hotel that was filled with millionaires, billionaires, very successful entrepreneurs and overall powerful people.

For the next three years I worked in different hotels (all luxury) and was able to witness first hand the different type of ballers.

I was working in the recreation department (outside) and subject to being tipped by people constantly.

Calling servers, setting up cabanas, working in the pool and beach etc etc.

I received thousands of dollars in tips. Anywhere from $1 to a $1500 check (tell that story another time).

I noticed the different types of ballers.
I noticed that people that tip 50s and 100s rarely hide the bills. They never fold it and hand it out flat.

I noticed that some people fold dollar bills into 100 little squares so it’s smaller then a penny.
I notice some people walked fast, some walked slowly.

I could almost immediately tell everything about the person from how they tipped.

Day after day I would study these people. Where their attention went. Who was the highest status person in the group. How millionaires talked to other millionaires.

I was fascinated with all the levels of ballers.

Unconsciously I wanted to become these men. One of my main motivating factors to creating millions of dollars in wealth is to be able to tip the way these people tipped me.

Every now and then I would see a 100% fully fledged gorilla of a baller.

The baller that was fully himself, not caring at all what people thought of him.

I would admire this guy, and study him thoroughly. 

Now, fast forward many moons forward.

Last summer I was being coached by one of the most ‘spiritual’ people I’ve ever met. My roommate Chris. Back when I lived in Boulder, Colorado.

The Baller Awakes

We got clear on what I wanted to create in my life.

Then we started talking about playing the ‘be yourself game’.

Definition of the ‘be yourself game’: In order to win the game, you have to be your most natural, real version of yourself.

Like I said, I was working in hotels and had my career mapped out in front of me. I was 21 years old and leading a group of 50 people (most older than me).

If I stayed put, continued hustling and committed. More money, more opportunities would flock to me.

I didn’t choose this lifestyle. I chose to create a blog. I chose to start my coaching practice. I chose the path less traveled.

The paradox of this path, is that in order to reach the success I wanted to created…

I had to be myself.

I must be authentic, real, or else why would anyone read the words I’m writing?

Why would anyone care about more information?

After talking to him about being myself and what that looks like I started describing the story of me working at hotels when I was younger.

How I loved ballers and admired them.

Being the spiritual guru that he is, he immediately felt the shift in his body and called it out of me.

“You are a baller!”

I looked at him. Confused, slightly startled as the insight landed.

Have you ever had such a powerful insight that you can’t stop laughing?

I literally laughed for the next 3 minutes, not knowing why.

I realized something was changing on a deep, core level.

When I finally calmed down the giggles it hit me immediately. 

I had not given myself permission to express this major part of my personality. I was and always will be a baller and I wasn’t allowing myself to be it fully.

I was showing up at 60% of my baller and it wasn’t doing jack shit.

It was at this moment. 

11,000 feet up in the mountains of Boulder that I decided to win the ‘be yourself game’ completely.

I decided to be 100% myself. I decided to commit to this baller side for the rest of my life.

Question for you, dear reader.

What’s your version of baller?

What’s that part of you that you are afraid to fully express?

That creative part. That loving part. That spiritual part.

That confident, courageous, that incredible magnificent glorious expression that sits doormat.

Give yourself permission.

Do not hold back any longer.

Be your own baller.

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