What Bold Wolves Stands For

I constantly have people asking me what does it mean to be a ‘Bold Wolf?’ What is this group of elite men that separates them from everyone else?

The following is a brief description of the guiding principles for the elite group of humans called ‘Bold Wolves’.

It starts with two key concepts: our understand that how we do ANYTHING is how we do EVERYTHING and our strong commitment to commitments. 

  1. We are committed to being creators not victims. A creator brings things into the world that aren't already there. He doesn't just follow the herd, he trail blazes his own path. He ignores the reactions of others. He resists distractions and impulses. He remains focused on his goals even if he means sacrificing pleasure for the moment. 
  2. We are committed to choosing choice. That means living mindfully, understanding the power off choice and not taking it for granted. We have practices in place to make sure that we are living with awareness avoiding any zombie, robotic behavior in ourselves. 
  3. We are committed to slowing down. Our fundamental principle is to slow down in order to speed up. We consciously slow down our days, stay silent, stay still in order to connect to the flow of the universe. We make sure our cups are empty as we go about our day. We never say 'where did the last years of my life go!' because of our presence in this moment, now. 
  4. We are committed to being students of life. We make mistakes, we take risks, we 'go for it'. Whatever outcome appears we accept immediately and learn from him. We understand that practice isn't a part of life, practice is life and life is practice. Life is our greatest teacher and the question we ask ourselves every day is if we will be the student. 
  5. We are committed to doing less and BEing more. Our society is attempting to push the tempo faster, faster, FASTER! We continually recommit to slowing down, 'doing' less and being more in this world. 
  6. We are committed to living with courage. We understand  that our fear is our compass. Our fear is here to conquer ourselves, to grow and evolve. Courage is the bridge to achieving a life of excellence. We understand it will not be easy, but it is worth it. This is a commitment to act anyway whether we feel like it or not. 
  7. We are committed to taking bold action. We sing our song...loudly. When we use our courage as a bridge to cross over the river of fear we are met with an opportunity to stay small or act boldly. We want a big impact, we want to spread the light in a meaningful way, no playing small. 
  8. We are committed to seducing and being seduced. We surrender to life, we seek beauty, we don't hold back. We use seduction as a way to express our love to the world and to combat the mundane. We understand that the power of the seducer lieins in direct reflection of the power that life has over ourselves. 
  9. We are committed to living life with an aura of joyful calm. We love the struggle, the anticipation, the hardships the difficulty. We thrive in challenge. We approach life with complete joy and calmness. We are the deep ocean, connected to the flow of the universe.
  10. We are committed to seeking beauty.  A bold wolf understands that beauty is his greatest ally on this journey. His greatest source of inspiration, his fuel to fight against the mundane, the evil, the mediocrity that surrounds him. Beauty is his compass, it fills his heart and head with possibilities, it inspires him to say "I can" versus I Cannot.
  11. We are committed to living lives of excellence. Yes, we believe and are convinced that 'having it all' is achievable. A fulfilling career, a beautiful relationship, impeccable health, a strong spiritual practice and happiness. 

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