Simple always works.

Follow this ten step program for guaranteed results.

If you do these 17 steps you will achieve success. 

It's all bullshit, really. 

The truth: simple always works.

It always works.

If something is not working in your life right now, you must simplify it.

Let's break this down into the categories of our life.

1. Health and building your desired physique

I used to workout for a couple months then step. See some results then quit. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat. 

It obviously was not working for me because I still was a skinny tall kid. 

Then I decided to simplify it.

I decided to go to the gym 6 times a week.

I decided to eat certain foods and stop eating others. 

I knew the exact workout for each day, and made it SIMPLE. I didn't choose to reserve three machines and do a super set on each while counting down the seconds of rest. 

That's not simple. That will not work.

2. Wealth and becoming rich

I used to be broke. Barely afford gas for my car and food to eat.

I wasn't making more money and I wasn't becoming rich.

I decided to simplify it.

Now, I choose to pay myself 10% of my money using the principle in the Richest Man In Babylon.

I decided to save money for experiences such as traveling and concerts.

I decided to invest a certain percentage into my own development. The better I get the better my clients and everything I do gets. 

3. Relationships

How do I connect with this person?

How do I attract more girls?

How do I have new friendships with cool people on the same path?

What I used to do didn't work.

Then I simplified everything.

I focused on the fundamentals.

I became high status.

I learned how to have an incredible conversation.

I learned the most important thing about relationships.

Change the way you BE in life and the people will come. If you work on yourself and start living an attractive purposeful life, the right people always show up. 

Every part of our life. 

We choose to overcomplicate things.

Write down your thoughts on paper. Draw a mind map. Speak into a microphone for thirty minutes.

Simplify your life.

It always works. 

Your man,



Daniel Karan is an expert at helping clients develop the courage required to live extraordinary lives. He is the founder of the Bold Wolves Project for High-Performing Introverts. His main disciplines have been a cocktail of personality, social and behavioral psychology. His big picture is to inspire 100,000 humans to sing their song…loudly.

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