The Game of Perspectives

The Game of Perspectives

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Life is...

Ask ten people to free associate what comes up and you will have a complete range of answers.

Life is hard. Life is easy. Life is stressful. Life is difficult. Life is fun. Life is beautiful. Life is sad. Life is a struggle. Life is filled with opportunities.

Well, then. Who is correct?

Maybe it’s all of the above or maybe they are all wrong?

The nature of our mind ends up filling in the blanks then convincing us that it’s a 100% concrete reality.

Perhaps, it is.

Life is hard for me! So it therefore must be hard for everyone else. 

Hard truth:

Here is something we know for sure: this physical body of ours will die eventually.

Let’s guesstimate that it will happen in 60+ years.

60 years. 21,900 days. 525,600 hours. 31,536,000 minutes.

Because of numerous factors you currently have a dominant perspective on how life is.

The funny thing about life is that it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you believe that life is , lets say, hard? Then you will experience life as hard. If you say, perhaps life is a game? Then you will experience life as a game.

There is no correct answer to how to view life.

It’s up to us as individuals to crack open our perspective vault and view life in the perspective that is serving us the most.

The game of perspectives...

Consciously choosing the perspective that serves you the most.

Is life happening for your benefit or against you?

It’s a choice of how you view the world.

Start building and growing your perspective vault. Constantly place deposits into it as if it’s a bank.

View life from the perspective as a kid, as a champion, as a king, as a master seducer, as a leader, as the person you admire most does.

Find the perspective that serves you the most and start playing that game.

I ask you again...

Life is...

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